Sarah Jane - Part 6

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Sarah Jane                              

by sloanranger

Part  6

"I sure hope this helps the butterflies in my stomach go away," she confided to the druggist.

"Why, you're not nervous are you, honey?"

"I reckon I am."

"Did you ever think he might be more nervous than you?' 

"I didn't think grown-ups got nervous, Mr. Hanover."

"Why, sure they do, honey." He replied.

"About what, Mr. Hanover?"

"Oh, 'bout all sorts of things."

"Like what?" Pressed the little girl.

"Oh, well...about making enough money, about taking care of their families - all sorts of things, I guess." 

"But you don't have a family, Mr. Hanover. Do you still worry?"

Tom turned. Speaking to his reflection in the window, he sighed:

"I worry I might never have a family, Sarah Jane."

He looked so sad the little girl quickly spoke up:

"Oh, sure you will, Mr. Hanover. Anybody would love to marry you."   She blushed then, realizing the boldness of her words and busied herself looking down at her lap.

"You reckon I might make someone a good Daddy?" He asked.

(To be continued).

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