"Princess, everything is okay. I'm sure in two days I'll be fit enough to do everything I used to do again. The only thing worrying me right now is where my stallion is, but I've lost him once before, and I know he'll come back." She smiled, trying to reassure her. "Did you already get breakfast? I'm sure Merlin could make something..." She began, immediately worrying for the princess' health as well. After all, that was her job. She still had to take care of her, even as she recovered.

"I'm fine, I already had my breakfast." She laughed. "Get some rest, yeah? Don't worry about me. Did Arthur visit?"

"Yes, he was here until the morning. He still has prince duties to do, after all." She responded. Even if he was gone, Anastasia didn't feel bad. She knew that at this moment, everything was okay.

Merlin walked over, placing his hand on Ros' shoulder.

"You should get ready. Some nobles are coming today, and Uther said he wanted you to look nice." He told her, to which she nodded.

"Right, well I'll see you tomorrow then, Ana." She promised, walking off first. Merlin gave her a smile and a large hug.

"I'll be back before you know it, yeah? Take care of yourself." He smiled, before running after the princess. She nodded and smiled, placing the finished bowl on the end table next to her bed.

"Gaius, I'm going to rest!" She hollered at the man she had come to know almost as a father. She heard a grunt and took that as confirmation of what she had just said. She laid down and shut her eyes for a restful few hours.

When she awoke, she was woken up by being pulled out of her bed by two guards, Uther there with a scowl on his face.

"Anastasia, you are sentenced to be hanged today on the cause of treason to the throne, and making my son believe that you cared for him, and turning his attention from the throne. Take her to the block."

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