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First and foremost, regardless of your intent on Wattpad, wether it be to write, to edit, to read or to put your graphic design skills to good use. You need to gather an understanding of a few things alone: What is your ideal audience?  Also, what genre of books do you like to write or to read?  I find jotting down, this sort of thing does help. I find it factions each by highlighting it. To do this, you're going to need to go find a notebook or a journal, whatever you'd like to address it as. Then find its counterpart, a pen, or a pencil. Then, from this moment and the moments following, those two items are going to be your designated writing utensils. With this being said, you are to never scribble or erase anything from this book.  This is to be the book where you jot down rambled thoughts and such. No matter the context the thoughts no longer belong to you alone, but the journal itself.

What you're going to want to do, is to section this book into different stations. Table of contents, included. As is the numbering of pages. Now dedicate the sections to the following;

A section for your endeavorers, one where you recount your adventures, practising describing. There's that and the practice of dialogues. When doing this make sure to focus on peoples behaviours and actions. Use yourself as a tool, listen and watch to how your body reacts to certain situations. Even go to the lengths of interviewing your family due to the diversity of personalities and apply their answers to the characters you manifest and how they delve and enroll themselves in scenarios.

Words, dedicate a section to words. Words that you find anywhere, anywhere at all. Any sort. Make sure to write down the words you love.

Write down quotes and poems that you like, in this particular section. Whatever genre, just as long is it appeals to you as a writer. There are no boundaries in writing.

Write letters to all the people you are thankful for, your parents, siblings, ex-boyfriends, crushes, someone who hurt you. This is a good way to gather your thoughts.

Write down books you'd like to read, once doing this go on to create two squares. The two squares represent, have bought, and have read. Practice writing reviews and rating the books out of ten.

The rest is for you to decide, to write and to plan.

The journal I keep is very rambled because most of my ideas and muses are a spur of the moment. The journal isn't to be too complex to the point where it's restrictive to your creative flow more that it follows a path from things such as character ideas to songs that inspire you, words you like, anything that really lights a fire inside of you and makes you feel something. 

Then one day you could go back and a couple of ideas may take your interest and you now have something to build off. 

They say you can only really write something if you've experienced it and so that's why as an author it's your job to explore to go on adventures, test the waters, your boundaries, in the wildest of experience recall what they felt like, what did it sounds like, taste like? 

Strip the experience to the bone until you know it inside and out and then if you were to apply it to your character what in their personality and traits make the experience pan out differently and how would the six senses differ from your own. I


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