Today was the day I leave the house and go back to my life.

I was wearing a floral skirt with a zipper in front and a white v-neck shirt. I wore black doll shoes to finish off my look. With some light make up on and my hair fishtailed.

I placed all my belongings in my bags, making sure to separate the dirty ones from the clean ones.

I picked my bag up, and dragged them downstairs making loud 'thuds' as it went down each stair. I placed my stuff near the door and walked inside the dining area. I smiled to them and they smiled back.

I sat beside Zayn and kissed his cheek.

"So are you guys going to my graduation?" I asked.

"YEAH!" They all said in unison.

They all looked at each other and chuckled.

"See you guys there then?" I laughed. "It's on Tuesday, okay? Bring disguises because there are hardcore fans there, who keep bugging me to make you guys follow them on twitter."

They all laughed and nodded. Then continued to eat their pancakes.

"Sooooooooo." Eleanor said breaking the silence, all heads snapped to look at Eleanor and listen. "Dinner at Wednesday?"

"Yeah!" Liam replied, taking a forkful of pancake, and bringing it into his mouth.

"I invited Perrie." Danielle exclaimed, all were in shock except for me and El. Then the guys faced towards Zayn.

"What? Why?" Zayn said, rather quiet about it. His eyes shimmered at the mention of Perrie's name.

"Yeah, we miss Perrie, and I'm pretty sure Brook wants to meet Perrie, Zayn."

"Okay." He murmured.

I played with the food in front of me, and figuring I wasn't hungry anymore, I passed my plate to Niall and gave him a weak smile. "I'm not hungry, you can have it Ni." I smiled.

I walked up to my room and grabbed my toothbrush, brushing my pearly whites.

I spitted out the remaining bubbly toothpaste, and rinsed my mouth. I gargled for 10 seconds, and threw my toothbrush in the trashcan since I had another one back home. I walked out my bathroom and sat down on my bed.

'Why me?'

'Am I even ready to do this?'

'Am I ready to face the fact that he used me as his rebound?'

'Am I ready?'

Thoughts flodded my head, and I knew I would have a massive head ache if I didn't stop thinking. Luckily, someone knocked softly on my door, and out came Harry. He gave me a sheepish smile, and locked the door behind him. He walked over to me, and sat beside me.

"What happened?" He asked

"What?" I asked in a confused tone. "What... do you mean?"

"You just left, saying you weren't hungry. What's wrong Brook?" He asked and held my hand drawing imaginary circles on it.

"Zayn." I sighed, "Long story short he still loves Perrie."

"What? but he, likes you Brook. How can you say that when you don't even-" I stopped him before he could finish, I raised my hand up.

"He sang sunburn, changed 'Alice' to 'Perrie' okay?" I said, a bit frustrated.

"Oh..... BREAK UP WITH HIM THEN!" He whispered/shouted. And smiled showing his deep dimples, I love.

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