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The next day after the sleepover the autobots and deceptions decide to go and explore outside.

Wideye Prime: *Skips around the field with his hands above the air* Fun! Fun! Fun! 

Megatron: *Crosses his arms* How is this fun?  This is so boring...... 

Wideye Prime: *Giggles and rolls around on the ground* YOU SEE ME ROLLING!

Arcee: Well Megatron, we all need to get outside and not always to be copped up in the base or the warship. *Stretches* 

Wideye Prime: Yeah and like Fat Greenie here......He needs exercise. *Points to Bulkhead who is trying to pilates exercises but fails*

Starscream: Why do you call him that?

Wideye Prime: Fat Greenie, oh well, because he is overweighted and he is green. And because he acts a greenie in the maze.

Soundwave: *Appears next to Prime* The maze?

Ratchet: Optimus' imagination. Ever since he watched the Maze Runner, he thinks we have a maze.

Steve: Okay........

Widye Prime: It is true!

Megatron: Hey guys, I think I saw a dragon........ *Points to a the dragon figure behind Optimus*

Wideye Prime: Really? *Looks behind himself* NO! IT IS THE DRAGONBORN!


Wideye Prime: You guys need to play the game Skyrim!

Predaking: *Appears behind Optimus and transformers into robot mode* I AM THE KING OF PREDACONS!

Wideye Prime: DRAGONBORN! *Kneels*

Predaking: At least he knows how to treat a king! 

Wideye Prime: Can you breath fire and can you do the shouts?

Predaking: Yes I can.

Wideye Prime: DO IT!

 Predaking: FUS DA RAH! *Blows everyone away*

Everyone: *Gets up* WHOA! THAT IS SO COOL! 

Megatron: What power! *Grins evilly*

Wideye Prime: You are amazing Dragonborn!

Predaking: Why thank- thank- YOU! *Sneezes and everyone blows away* Oops.......

Hey everyone! Thank you to those who have voted this book! Thank you so much you are helpful and supportive! :) If you guys didn't play the game Skyrim and didn't get this chapter don't worry! You will understand it if you played the game....I recommend you to play it because it is a great game! Bye!