Text 1

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Dan👌🏻: PHIL
Read 3:25
Phil🐯: DAAANNN it's 3 in the morning why did you wake me upppp
Read 3:27
Dan👌🏻: Because I want a box of maltesers
Read 3:30am
Phil🐯:You woke me up to tell me that you wanted maltesers
Read 3:32
Dan👌🏻: Yes I did
Phil🐯: And what do you expect me to do about that?

Phil🐯: Dan?

Phil🐯: never mind, I went into your room and you looked so peaceful sleeping and so warm and cute and
Phil🐯: Sorry

There you go! The first text thing! Let's hope that this gets more than 10 reads... And some votes... And comments... And donuts

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