12 || An Unexpected Visitor

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After attending Jay's call, Sidharth went back to his room and lied down on the bed. But he didn't feel sleepy. He was just too happy to sleep now. His Khushali finally accepted her love for him and even confessed it.

He wished that it all had happened in normal circumstances, then his happiness would've doubled, unlike now, when he knew well what was coming for them. The truth, that one truth had so much power to destroy his and Khushali's relationship. And he would tell her it soon, very soon.

'She'll believe me! I know she would.'

He turned to face Khushali and Amaira, both of who looked really cute as they cuddled with each other. He couldn't help but smile at his wife and niece. 'Isn't this the cutest thing I've ever seen?'

Surely, this was the cutest scene for him. He kept looking at the two most important woman in his life, one his wife, his love and other, his lovely niece, his angel.

A few minutes later, he felt Khushali hold his hand. He looked at her and found her awake. Careful enough to not wake Amaira, he whispered to Khushali, "You're still awake? I thought you were sleeping."

"Acha, and you're sleep talking na? Aren't you supposed to sleep as well?" Khushali asked him mockingly.

Sidharth smiled sheepishly and said, "Wo I didn't feel like sleeping. But hey, you were sleeping na?"

Khushali smiled at him and replied, "Yes I was. But due to the noise when you shut the door, I woke up."

"Oh! Sorry," said Sidharth in a little guilty voice.

"Arre it's okay! Anyway, tomorrow is Sunday, so you know we can sit and talk now. What say?" Khushali chirpily asked Sidharth.

Sidharth instantly sat up and said excitedly, "Sure sure! Wait, I'll get ice cream for us."

Khushali got up to and said, "Okay. Let's sit in the balcony. I don't want to disturb Ammu's sleep."

Sidharth mumbled okay and quietly moved downstairs to get ice cream for them. He opened the fridge to take out ice cream, when he felt someone standing behind him. Closing the refrigerator door, he turned and saw his sister-in-law standing behind him with a teasing smile plastered on her lips.

Sidharth kept the ice cream bowl down and said, "Bhabhi what are you doing here?"

"Oh I was waiting here to catch my dearest brother-in-law stuffing himself with ice cream at 3 in morning," Meher said dryly.

Sidharth chuckled lightly and said defensively, "C'mon Bhabhi, I wasn't eating it. I was taking it for Khushali."

Meher smirked at him and chortled, "Ohh for Khushali? Arre wah Sid!"

"Bhabhi waise what are you doing here? I was here for ice cream, but what are you doing here?" Sidharth teasingly asked Meher.

"Arre it's because of your brother. He's feeling hungry and asked me to make something for him. That's why I came here," Meher said in a annoyed tone.

Sidharth laughed and said, "Bhai and his hunger! Okay you make something for him while I'll go and have this ice cream with Khushali."

Meher smiled and said, "Yeah okay. Waise you look really happy today. What's the matter Sid?"

"Umm Bhabhi, well me and Khushali, actually Khushali confessed her love for me. You were so right Bhabhi," Sidharth happily said.

"That's so good Sidharth! I'm so happy for you and Khush! And I'm always right baby brother," Meher said while pulling Sidharth's cheeks.

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