When she woke, Merlin was nowhere to be seen, which was strange to her because she swore that he had slept here the night before. She slowly rose out of bed, got dressed and picked at the plate of food left for her. She wasn't exactly hungry to say the least, and she didn't feel too well. She shrugged it off as a side effect from not sleeping so long, since she hadn't exactly slept since Ana had been sick.

As she walked down the hallway towards Giaus' chambers, her mind wandered to Uther, and how he felt about this whole situation. She knew that he had not been pleased with Arthur just going out and leaving like that, he had blamed her, but she didn't care. He blamed her for everything it seemed like.

She brought up her hand to knock on the door, and a bright eyed Merlin opened it, a large grin on his face. "Good morning Ros," he gently grabbed her face and placed a quick kiss on her lips, quite unexpectedly. He took her hand before she could speak and brought her inside the room, showing her what must've been the reason for him happiness.

A fully awake Anastasia sat upright with a blanket wrapped around her shoulders, sipping at a bowl of what could only be soup. "You're awake!" Ros exclaimed, quickly making her way over to Ana's side. "How are you feeling? Has the fever passed?" She brought a hand to Ana's forehead, causing Ana to laugh slightly and swat her hand away.

"I'm feeling much better Ros, thank you, for everything really. Giaus said that I will be up and ready to get back to work within the next two days." She took a mouthful of soup. "He says I just need to gain some strength back first."

"Oh well that's a relief, but are you sure you wouldn't want to wait a few more days? You did just nearly die after all..."

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