Deleted Scene: Yoda and Holis Hear Krul Speak

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A/N: In the process of editing any story, you recognize some sequences bog down the pacing and are less essential to the plot, so you bravely cut the scene. We did that for scenes in Herald of Fury, but now we've fully published the story, we thought you might enjoy some of this cut, albeit less polished material. Maybe some of you will think we should have kept them in the actual story?

This first deleted scene comes from Yoda's point-of-view, and would have followed Chapter 35. We wanted to not completely neglect our green midget Jedi Master, who had appeared briefly in a Jedi Council meeting in Chapter 6 and a flashback with Anakin in Chapter 8. So we reasoned to have him be the audience to another of Krul's speeches, so we could get in his head a little and encounter him doing what Yoda does best – teaching (in this case, Anakin's former Jedi friend Holis Veladrian) and cooking. We thought we could expand on Krul's platform of humanity being the root of all evil, which could provide valuable material for later episodes. In fact, we read a lot of anti-colonial and anti-Western terrorist literature to structure Krul's arguments.

Ultimately, we thought the time spent on Yoda and Holis diverged to strongly from the core storyline. Our readers probably weren't interested in a lengthy diatribe from Krul, having already experienced enough in the other trial sequences.  

* * *


Yoda watched patiently as his young apprentice walked across a pond's glassy surface by applying the force to heavy, metal boots he'd made her wear. The Jedi Master liked assigning this task to students because of the concentration it demanded. Students had to levitate the boots, and thus their bodies, to appear to stand on the water. Then, by alternating force pressure they moved forward.

The activity curbed the arrogance of cocky pupils, who inevitably fell into the pool. Failure had a way of making students listen more attentively during lessons.

Yoda sniffed, waving some bugs away with his clawed hand, and judged that this apprentice, Holis Veladrian, might not go for a swim. While most apprentices rushed through the exercise, she took her time. She practiced levitating with the boots. After mastering that, she worked on "walking" on land before braving the pond. The young woman's patience did her credit, as she had already crossed further than most.

Of course, Holis was patient with everything. She took great pride in the time she spent on her appearance, like her immaculately combed, strawberry blonde hair. Maybe she was too patient. It wasn't a problem Yoda was used to complaining about.

The savory scent of ghuri plant and naratiki sauteing broke him from his observations. He stirred around the lavender and yellow vegetables, and the creamy sauce smothering them. He stuck a clawed finger into the pot and sampled it. Too bland. He pulled a bottle of peppery spices out of a pocket and sprinkled generously. The perfect remedy.

As he stuffed away the spice mix, his portable holoprojector chimed. Yoda glanced at the device -- A new broadcast from the Rodian terrorist. So soon? Since the transmission would challenge his apprentice's determination, he accepted the holo.

A depiction of the gaunt terrorist leader blossomed from the projector. There was no weapon in his hand, no hostage in restraint to question. What was this about?

"Greetings once again, denizens of the galaxy, whether fellow citizen, skeptic, or cajala chupa. You have already witnessed the just condemnation of two SKYE employees. You'd have heard from a third, but Edrie Jost has rashly ended her life by stabbing herself in the jugular with the end of a culinary utensil."

Yoda bowed his head mournfully; she was one with the force. He understood that someone might not willingly endure Krul's examination after witnessing his judgment of the doctor and mining captain.

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