New School and Friends

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Maria POV
I woke up to Animals blasting in my ear. I got up and put my clothes on.
(Up top).
I put my make up on and grabbed my bag. I walked downstairs and saw my mom and dad.
"Hey mom, hey dad" I said to them.
"Hey sweetheart here's your breakfast" said dad and handed me my bowl with the box of cereal.
I poured the cereal in my bowl and poured the milk. I finished breakfast and waited for my dad to take me to school. He came and we went to the car. With in 5 minutes we were at the school.
"Have a good day Mari" said dad.
"Bye dad" I said and walked to the office.
I opened the door and found a guy.
"New kid huh?" He asked me.
"Yes sir the name is Maria Antonio" I said.
"Oh and are you related to Michael Antonio?" He asked me.
He's talking about my great grandfather.
"Yes he is my great grandfather" I said.
"Well I hope you are like your great grandad" he said.
"I am" I said.
"The names Couch Finstock and here is your timetable and locker information" he said and handed them to me.
"Thank you" I said and walked out.
I was walking towards my locker until someone bumped into me.
"I'm so sorry" he said.
"It's ok. The name is Maria Antonio but you can call me Mari" I said.
"Cool my name is Stiles Stilinski" he said.
"Nice to meet you Stiles and do you have Mr. Harris by any chance?" I asked him.
"In fact I do. I was headed there right now" he said.
"Cool can you show me where it is?" I asked him.
"Sure and you can meet my friends" he said.
I nodded and we went to class. I opened the door and got stares.
"Mr. Stilinski you are late" said the teacher.
"Sorry Mr. Harris I was showing the new girl around" he said.
"Oh you must be Miss. Maria Antonio" he said and I nodded.
"Well you can introduce yourself and things you like to do" he said.
"Hi I'm Maria Antonio and I like to sing and play sports and hike in the woods" I said and the clapped.
"Thank you, you can sit next to Mr. McCall" he said and pointed to... Scott.
I sat next to him an he saw me.
"Hey I didn't know you were coming here" he said.
"Well you don't know everything about me" I said and grabbed my notebook out.
The bell rang and I grabbed my things and headed to Couch Finstocks class. I found the class and walked in.
"Ok class this is Maria Antonio so make her feel welcome" he said and I took my seat next to a strawberry blonde head girl.
"Hi I'm Lydia Martin" he said.
"Hi I'm Maria but you can call me Mari" I said.
"Ok I love your outfit, where did you get it?" She asked me.
"Oh I got it from England" I said.
"So you speak British because of your ascent" she said.
"Yup" I said popping the p.
At lunch...
It was lunch time and I walked into the lunch room. I found an empty table so I sat down at it. I grabbed my song book out an began writing a song. I began to hum the tune and then someone scared me.
"Whatcha doing?" Someone asked me.
I jumped and saw it was Stiles.
"You scared the crap out of me" I said.
"Sorry but what are you doing?" He asked again.
"Writing some songs" I said.
"Can I see them?" He asked me.
"Sure" I said and handed it to him.
He looked over it then smiled.
"These are good" he told me.
"Thanks" I said and went back to writing.
"So I found a song and is it about someone?" He asked me and my eyes widened.
"N-no" I stuttered.
"Sure" he said eyeing Scott.
"No ok" I said a little angerly.
"Ok calm down" he said and I could feel my hair almost turn red.
"Why is your hair turning red?" He asked me.
"Ok I have color changing hair and eyes" I said and my eyes almost turned red.
"Ok" he said.
"I need to leave" I said and with that I ran out of school to the nearest tree.
I found one and sat down. I started to sing.
"A million thoughts in my head should've let my heart keep listening
Cause up till now I walked the line
Nothing lost but something missing
I can't decided
What's wrong, what's right
Which way should I go
If only I knew what my heart was telling
Don't know what I'm feeling
Is this just a dream?
Ah oh, yeah
If only I could read the signs in front of me
I could find the way to who I'm meant to be
Ah oh, if only
If only.
I finished the song and heard something in the back round. I turned my head to see nobody.

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