My Romeo

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Chapter 1

I stood up and cheered with the rest of my school as the star player of our football team, Trey, scored the final goal just before the match ended. We had beat Mountcliff High. All the girls ran over to Trey and congratulated him except me. This was the reason I never got home straight away after a match. All the girls were flirting shamelessly with my brother. I sighed.

When my brother was finally out of the locker rooms, showered and changed back into casual clothes, we set out for the party. Sat next to me in the car was my brother’s teammate, who was also my boyfriend, Peter. In the front were Trey and another guy from the football team. We were all going to the party since we had won!

Mountcliff High was our rival school. We all attended Crossworth High. The schools were close to each other, ten-minute walk tops, and of course this meant that there were many incidents after school.

At the party, there were banners and flags everywhere. I heard every start cheering as we arrived and they were all chanting Trey’s name. He was the captain of the Crossworth Lions and the champion since he’d scored two out of three goals. Peter had scored the other goal so all three of them were lost in the crowd. I ended up stood at the edge of the dance floor, sipping my coke while watching the crowds.

A few minutes later I noticed a boy staring at me. He must have been about my brother’s age but I didn’t recognise him. I smiled at him and looked him over. He had messing blonde hair and he was kind of tanned. I'm guessing he was around 5 foot 7 and was wearing blue jeans and a plain white top. He was still staring at me and I finally managed to look away.

Robbie’s POV

We lost! How could we lose to Crossworth High? I was furious with my self for not playing better. But I was too busy staring at Rachel. She was a cheerleader but not for us. No, she went to Crossworth.

‘Dude, you have got to get over Rachel!’ my teammate Brandon said as he slapped my back, snapping me out of my daydream.

‘Yeah you really do,’ Marcus agreed as he opened his locker.

‘I can’t!’ I groaned ‘I really like her!’ I let my head fall into my hands.

‘You coming to the party tonight?’ Vincent, Marcus’ brother, asked

‘What party? We lost, we aren’t throwing a party,’ I stated the obvious.

‘I know man, us three are crashing the Crossworth one,’ Marcus smiled and a smile crept on to my face. This would be fun.

We all quickly showered and changed into casual clothes. None of us wore our school crest, which was a simple shield shape with the initials MHS and an eagles head to represent Mountcliff Eagles in blue and white.

When we were ready, we drove to the party that was about five minutes away.

It was really busy at the party and we were stood around the edge of the main room, planning what to do. A loud chanting started up so I could only assume that Trey had arrived. He was the captain of Crossworth Lions and he had scored the last goal. We talked some more and then five minutes later, we had our plan…

I didn’t have a main part in the plan, I just had to tell them when it was clear, and so I looked round the room. Suddenly I remember this was a Crossworth party so Rachel would be here! I looked around the room more closely but couldn’t see her. Another girl caught my eye. She was stood at the edge of the dance floor, looking round like I was. She looked up and saw me staring. I wanted to look away but I couldn’t. Her light brown hair was straight and fell to just below her shoulders. She was about fifteen or sixteen and was medium height. I noticed her looking at me and realised I was staring still. I looked in her eyes until she looked away. When she did I decided to go over to her.

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