Hello Again!

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Hello all!

Gillybean (aka Robin) here! -mishamigo- and I are at it again! And let me tell you, we've got some pretty amazing things happening in this story!

We love you guys. And you know that! So how about you show us some love back, and create a cover for this story! I couldn't really find anything I liked in the pictures on Google Images... SO HERE IS YOUR CHANCE!

I want you guys to design the cover of this story! Send them to me or -mishamigo- somehow, and we will choose our favorite out of all of them and use it!

So! Get those covers in and you can possibly have your design as the poster for this very story that you are reading!

Keep reading and as always... WE LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!

Batman (-mishamigo-) and Robin (GillianDemofonte) OUT!!!!


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