Chapter One

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Warnings: Eventual language, drug use, smut, etc etc basically sex drugs & rock n’ roll

Sorry this took a while to come out. I’ve been really busy with school and moving out. Any who, here is the first chapter. I, as always, think that this sucks, but you know, maybe it’ll be okay. I wanted the chapter to be longer, but I kind of rushed this, and then I had internet problems on top of it while trying to post it. Reminder that this is based off the two AU meme posts. Credit to the person who created them for the idea. Hope you enjoy.


The morning that Louis was supposed to leave, he slept in. He did it on purpose though. He just didn’t really want to go on this tour. He just wanted to be able to stay home and mope like he normally would do. He thought maybe if he overslept and missed the tour bus, they would just fire him from the job and send someone else. It was what he was truly hoping for. It was the only time that he wished luck would be on his side, but like most other times, luck wasn’t on his side.

                The loud pounding on his door was definitely the luck that wasn’t on his side. Louis groaned a bit and tried to ignore the insistent banging but he couldn’t.  He forced himself up, getting out of bed and making his way to the front door of his flat. He didn’t even bother looking through the peek hole, just unlocking and opening the door. He sighed when he saw Zayn standing there holding up the Starbucks he bought. He gave Louis a friendly smile before making his way into the flat without asking for permission. It wasn’t like Louis would push him out the door anyways.

                Zayn walked into the small kitchen area and sat the Frappuccino and the bag containing a bagel down onto the counter. He turned and grinned at Louis who was just glaring tiredly at him. “You’re late,” Zayn pointed out. “Nice bed hair.”

                Louis rolled his eyes and slammed his front door shut before walking up to Zayn. “I’m not going,” he said, crossing his arms over his chest.

                “Oh, you’re going,” Zayn argued back. He slid the Frappuccino towards Louis before taking the bagel out of the bag and holding it out to him. “Eat. Drink. Wake up,” he ordered. “I’ll check your bags to make sure you have everything.” He sat the bagel down on top of the bag when Louis didn’t take it and walked past Louis to go to his bedroom.

                Louis grumbled to himself some as he started to pick at the bagel. “I’m not going!” he shouted loudly so Zayn could hear. He let out a sigh and started to nibble on the bagel. He found it bland and unappetizing though but he still ate it.

                Zayn came back out to the kitchen a few minutes later and walked back up to Louis. He checked to see if he had eaten and he was satisfied when he saw the bagel was gone. He looked to Louis then and sighed. “Alright, c’mon, babe,” he said and guided Louis into the living room. He forced him to sit on the couch and Zayn sat down on the coffee table in front of Louis. “What’s the matter? You’re grumpier than usual.”

                “I don’t want to go,” Louis replied back softly.

                “Need I remind you that this is a once in a lifetime opportunity?” Zayn asked.

                “I know, I know,” Louis tiredly replied. “You’ve about told me that every day this week.” He paused to let out a quiet sigh. “I know it is and I was ready to go, but I just got to thinking last night and—“

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