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“Who’s Wes?” one of them inquired, stepping aside to allow me to enter the warehouse. He glanced longingly at the chips Phoenix was now devouring, the grumbling of his stomach just audible. I guess food was hard to come by when you were a wanted fugitive. 

Nix snarled, lips peeling back. “He’s an asshole. A pompous, stuck up, filthy, degrading, bast-!”

“Phoenix!” I snapped, stopping her rant. She hurriedly ducked her head, having recognized the tone of my voice immediately. 

“He’s someone we don’t like,” I sighed, taking a seat on a nearby, rickety chair. 

“Why is that?” Bane queried, pulling up a chair to sit across from me. His men went back to whatever they had been doing before our arrival, sorting through papers or cleaning off weapons. 

“He betrayed us - me. We lost half our team that night. I never forgave him,” I answered, crossing my arms over my chest. A bit of dried blood flake off, falling to my pants. The ache in my side had long faded, leaving me feeling as good as new. 

From her spot in the corner Nix scoffed. “You didn’t give yourself the chance to forgive him! You killed him -well, tried to- the same night! Oh, the look on that boys face!”

“I didn’t have much reign on my temper back then, but now that I have a clear head... I would’ve killed him anyway,” I said, a small smirk tugging up the corners of my lips.  

“Why was he on your team if you didn’t like him?” the second in command asked, brow furrowing in obvious confusion. 

“He was a nice guy - or we thought he was. We’d been close,” I said, picking at one of my nails. “I didn’t think he had it in him to do what he did, but I was wrong.”

The others picked up on my hint that the subject was now closed. I would have to face Wes sooner or later, and I was opting for later. 

“Ooooh, what are ya’ doing?” Nix purred from across the room, hovering over an anxious mans shoulder. He paused in his typing, gulping as he peered up into Nix’s eager face. 

“Logistics for our next heist-” he began, before Nix squealed, pushing him none to ceremoniously away from the computer and plopping down where he once sat. It was hilarious to see a girl about two times smaller than him send him to the ground so easily. Most people had trouble computing what they were seeing. 

“I loved logistics! I know I don’t look like I nerd but I was damn good at them. Now, what do you need to do?” she rambled, already clacking away at the keyboard. I chuckled, shaking my head at her childish behavior. Nothing seemed to faze that girl. 

“You are free to use our technology,” Bane said, noticing the direction of my stare. 

“Thanks, but we’ll be fine. We were built to live in the wild, we can figure something out. Besides we already have enough technology in us to outsmart the worlds fastest super computer,” I chuckled, crinkling my nose when more blood shed off onto my limbs and my stomach. 

“I’m going to go raid a store. I’ll be back in a bit. Behave yourself while I’m gone Nix! No tantrums!” I ordered, and she waved me off with an eye roll before resuming her work. 

“Are you sure you should be wandering alone?” Bane asked. 

“I’ll be fine. I killed the guy once, and I’m more than able of doing it again,” I said, carefully concealing my grimace with another signature smirk. He nodded, standing and walking off into another part of the warehouse as I slipped out of the front door. As I predicted it had begun to rain, a light drizzle quickly drenching my hair and uniform. I took off at full speed toward the raucous sounds of the city, letting the honking of horns and buzz of pedestrians guide me. 

I made sure to go unnoticed, slipping in and out of alleyways until I reached a small department store on the very outskirts of Gotham. Breaking down the door was simple enough and I sighed in relief as I walked inside, rushing to the women’s section. Shopping was always easy for me. Light, breathable, stretchy, pockets. My only four criteria.

I threw my uniform to the ground, slipping into a pair of cargo pants, long black t-shirt, black beanie and a pair of running shoes. 

I was just disposing of my other clothes when another heart beat reached my ears. It came from directly above me, probably someone hanging onto one of the above beams.  I darted to the side just as they landed, slamming a knee up and into their chest. They flew into a nearby rack of dresses, grunting as they attempted to untangle themselves from the mess. 

“Cole?! I thought I said stay away from me,” I snarled, catching a glimpse of my attackers face. He looked horrified, his panic clearly visible. 

“Wes said not to come back without you. I’m more afraid of him,” another voice spoke up, something cold and stiff hitting me square in the back. I hissed, I spinning and spotting Brett at the other end of the aisle, hand still extended in a throwing motion. I was on him in a flash, sending him through a mirror, effectively rendering him unconscious. At least for a minute or two.

“Why did he send you imbeciles? It’s obvious you weren’t trained correctly,” I spat, stomping back towards Cole who was still struggling to untangle his foot from a baby blue ball gown. 

“He said you weren’t dangerous! I don’t know!” the boy exclaimed, wincing as I came to a halt in front of him. 

“Tell me, do I look dangerous?” I growled, baring my teeth, barely keeping my rage at bay. Cole nodded with wide eyes.

“Do I act like I’m dangerous?” Another nod.

“Do I fight like I’m dangerous?” 

“Yes,” he mumbled, finally freeing his foot.

“Then it’s settled. Now get your asses out of my town before I maim you,” I commanded, storming past him and towards the back entrance. 

“Still quite a temper, Z. You always were the more fiery one of the group.”

I froze mid stride, not believing that I’d heard right. He wasn’t - no, he couldn’t be here...


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