JADES 8 - Pt 111

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The chapter is a bit shorter, but because the next section is longer :)

j*a*d*e*s – flexing



            They stood outside of one of the hottest clubs in California, Inferno and there was no way they were getting in anytime soon.  The line into the club was at least 100 people long, bouncers and guards pacing the long alleyway entering the club. 

            “What a bust.”  Amy said, ready to leave, having an odd feeling about this place.  She tugged on her black oversized tee shirt and turned.

Shelby didn’t seem to hear her, she walked to the head of the line, the others giving each other looks and followed her as she elbowed passed others.  People yelled at them as they moved to the front of the line, but they all ignored them, their eyes focused on Shelby.

            The muscular bouncer looked down at her she smiled and put her hand in her pockets, unmoving.  He looked away, and she grinned, looking back at the girls. 

            “What is she doing?”  Emma whispered to Amy, who in turned shrugged, just watching Shelby.  She was mesmerized by the way, Shelby was handling herself.

Shelby tapped the tall gentleman on the shoulder and he rolled his eyes, having heard and seen it all.  Languidly her hand touched the back of his neck as she was whispering to him, and Darci was sure she saw a flash of some sort of light, the next thing they knew they were being ushered into the club, much to the dismay of the waiting crowd.

            Darci grabbed Shelby’s hand, the music making it hard to hear anything.

            “How did you do that?”  Shelby smiled a little, feeling in her element for the first time since she’d been introduced to her powers.  This was power, the power to do whatever you wanted, whenever you wanted to do it.  It was like the best drug, but with no ill side effects. 

            “We all have a little gift in us; well I just gave him a ‘good’ feeling boost is all.  Not like he really cares who he lets in anyhow.” 

“You did what?”  Emma asked leaning in close, seeing that Amy wasn’t paying attention, she was looking at the all of the people.  She was seemingly anxious, pulling away from people who inadvertently bumped into her.

She looked like she was standing guard instead of someone who was supposed to be having fun.  Her eyes examining the crowd, her body language stiff and on total alert. 

            “I made him ‘feel’ happy, then sympathetic to us good looking woman here looking for a good time.  Worked like a charm.”  Shelby grinned, snapping her fingers.

            “You know how dangerous that could be?”  Darci inquired, feeling like a mother hen the instant she said it.  They’d had a lot longer to get use to their powers, and had never flaunted it like Shelby had tonight. 

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