Chapter 13: I Like When U Watch

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***WARNING: The following chapter contains sexual situations. This is meant for anyone 18 years or older only.***    

The rush of falling caused Gwen's heart to race until her ass hit the bed with a soft oomph. The soft rustling of her simple white quilted bedspread was the only sound filling the room as she squirmed, waiting for him to join her, but he just stood there and watched her.

"Dorian what are you..." Dorian put his finger up to his own lips to silence Gwen. Her brow knitted in confusion as his eyes trailed her body.

"You wanted to know what my fantasies were Gwen? This was one. Just watching you. Watching you become so aroused your clothes felt like fire that you had to escape from. Watching you unable to control yourself sliding your hands up and down your body, memorizing every supple inch until..."

His words became a whisper and then no more as Gwen did as he wished. She pawed and pulled at her green faded T-shirt until it was a heap on the ground and the same to her khaki shorts, pink cotton undies and finally her matching cotton bra. Everything was off her body except her hands. They explored.

He was right, her skin was soft but it tickled, her touch was too light. So she deepened it, specifically at her breasts where her nipples ached to be pulled. Gwen closed her eyes imagining it was his hands on her. Her fingers pinched the darkening areola and pulled as if it was his teeth wanting more. Her back arched and she knew there was more to explore on her body. Places she would want him to touch her.

She showed him by releasing one of her breast and having her fingers trail slowly down her stomach to her light patch of curls. Upon opening her eyes Gwen drank him in. Dorian's jeans were undone and pushed slightly down as his hand curled around his throbbing cock, rolling it languidly in his palm. She could feel her muscles clench watching him as he became hypnotized by her.

Gwen spread her legs for him, the cool air adding a prickling pleasure. "Oh God you are so wet," Dorian's words were deep, almost guttural as his hand picked up its rhythm.

Her fingers slid over her folds as she teased herself but her focus remained on Dorian, willing him to take over. She liked doing this for him but Gwen desperately wanted his touch, his tongue down there instead of her fingers.

"Show me what you like Gwen. What does your pussy crave?"

"You." Gwen moaned as her fingers plunged inside herself. Her hips swayed as she began to fuck herself for him. She could hear his breath hitching after she spoke, but then her thumb brushed her clit and it was her breathy moans filling the air.

"I need to taste you," Dorian mumbled and the dip in the bed caused her to pause until her hand was ripped from her body. Warmth enveloped her fingers once more as he sucked them into his mouth.

"Kiss me." She requested because she wanted to taste him, experience all this at once. Gwen never understood how women needed to feel a man. She had been horny before and turned on, but she never felt as if her life depended on it. In fact she was proud of the fact she didn't really need anyone, even if it was for an orgasm. Though, if she was with a guy she did prefer to have an orgasm with him. That's why Steve was utterly disappointing and Dorian was a wonder. Gwen felt like she stumbled upon some great discovery that was hers, and hers alone.

He dropped her hand and almost crushed her as he fell, only to catch himself before being an inch from the humid breath escaping her lips. Dorian's tongue darted out licking her lips before his teeth took hold of her lower lip to nibble.

Everything was in the air around her, his sweat, her spicy scent and the Oreos, all of it adding to the heightening pleasure. Once his tongue slipped through all was lost. She was gone as he filled her and she him. Her fingers tugged at his shirt because she needed to feel every inch of him.

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