3 Stepbrothers

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I watched my father at the alter, holding Lilly's hand. She was gonna be my new stepmother in three...two...one. 

"You may kiss the bride," the priest said. 

My father bent over and kissed Lilly. My breath caught, I could feel Suzie tighten her grip on me. I looked down at my little nine year old sister that was gripping my hand. 

I whispered to her, "Its ok Suzie, you have a new mom." 

I looked away so she wouldn't see the tear roll down my cheek. A new mom. How can I have a new mother. Has it really only been six years. It couldn't be. Lilly was young and beautiful, I had to admit. She had the perfect skin tone, and beautiful long blond hair that touched her lower back. Her eyes were a combination of blue and green, I never really understood the color. My dad, Bill Linean, was also a young man. He has straight brown hair, that looks a lot like mine. And he has a pair of really dark eyes. While mine are a lighter shade of brown. 

I looked over at the three boys to my right. They were all looking down, just like me. They were my new stepbrothers. Blake, Cole, and Shawn. The triplets that look nothing alike.  

Blake being the tallest and most built. He was born first and has blond hair, sometimes spiking the front up. He has the bluest set of eyes, sometimes it scares me how blue they can get. Cole the second born, second tallest, and well second everything. Cole has brown hair that he sometimes flips out of his eyes which are green. Shawn being the smallest, even though he was still taller than me, was built like the rest of his brothers. He has black hair just a bit longer than Blake's but not nearly as long as Cole's. Shawn has green eyes with specks of blue. 

I stared at them for a minute. The three most popular guys at my school were now my stepbrothers. Of course I knew them, but heck they probably didn't know my name, or my face until our parents met. The three were known as the 'Parris Triplets.' Parris being there last name. You could walk around the school and hear people whispering to each other, "Hey did you see the Triplets the other day? Yeah they made five goals!" 

I sighed, how could this be happening. Our parents have been going out for what, a year? Year and a half? Then my dad invites Lilly and and the three to dinner and he proposed! Right in front of us too! Now look at me, wearing a god forbidden dress, clutching my nine year old sisters hand, watching as my parents cut the wedding cake. 

I sat at a table watching my dad happily dance with his new wife. I played around with my cake, pushing it to the left of the plate, then the right. I was sitting alone, Suzie found a little boy and went to play with him. I watched her for a minute, her black natural curls bouncing around. Her green brown eyes and perfect smile shining as she played with the little boy. I let a small smile before I looked down at my plate. 

I looked up into the small glass ornament in front of me, my reflection showing. I stared at the girl in front of me. My brown hair was curled falling just a bit below my shoulders. I didn't have makeup, I told my dad there was no way I would wear it, he simply sighed and said, "Fine but your still wearing the dress."  

I stopped looking into my reflection as someone sat next to me. I didn't pay much attention, didn't even look at the person.  

"Listen Tori," I heard the person say. It was definitely a guy, then I reliezed it sounded familiar. Two more people sat in the chairs, I instantly knew who they were.  

I sighed, "What do you guys want?" 

I looked up at Blake, Cole, and Shawn. 

"Here's the deal," Blake said, "School starts in what? Two weeks?" 

I simply nodded. 

"During those two weeks you gonna be packing right?" Cole asked. 

I nodded again, "Yeah we're moving into your place." I started picking at my cake. 

"We were thinking," Shawn said, "We don't want to tell anyone at the school. We're all in senior year, we just have to live with each other for one year and then we are all off to college." 

"So there's no point in telling people at school, ok?" Blake said more strictly.  

I shrugged, "Sounds great to me. My reputation won't he ruined. But I guess your all thinking of yourselves right?" I say giving them a smirk and finally putting a piece of cake in my mouth. I really wished I hadn't done that, now I felt sick. 

Cole smirked, "Yeah like you have a reputation. What are you? The dark shadow lurking behind the lockers?" 

I tried not to let that get to me, I opened my mouth to say something else but then our parents came.  

Lilly was laughing, "Come on you guys lets dance!"  

She grabbed Cole and Shawn's hands and led them to the dance floor. 

Before Blake left he gave me a death glare, "We clear?" 

"Crystal," I said bringing my hand up making a small circle with my fingers. 

"Come on Tor-Bo lets dance!" My dad said grabbing my hand and leading me to the dance floor. He grabbed one of my hands and spun me around. I put on a fake smile just like the Triplets and danced with my dad.


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