Reading Order

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Most of my books can be read as standalone stories, but to get the fullest picture you probably want to read them in proper publication order. The following lists each book by reading order in their series and the series are listed by when they started being published.

Oh. My. Gods.

1. Oh. My. Gods
2. Goddess Boot Camp
3. Goddess In Time

Forgive My Fins

1. Forgive My Fins
2. Fins Are Forever
3. Just For Fins
4. Pretty In Pearls

Sweet Venom

1. Sweet Venom
2. Sweet Shadows
3. Sweet Legacy

Darkly Fae

1. When Magic Sleeps
2. When Magic Dares
3. When Magic Burns (October 2015)

Hero Agenda

1. Powerless
2. Relentless (June 2016)

Creative HeArts

1. Ten Things Sloane Hates About Tru (September 2015)

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