14. Take My Hand

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I took his hand, allowing him to helped me up. He lightly shoved my hip, moving me away from him. I watched him. He started dancing. Then, he pointed to me. I rolled my eyes. 

"Are you challenging me Bieber?" I said. He smirked and nodded. Let's note that this is kind of a slow, sensual song. So guess how I'm going to dance... I leaned my head to the side and smile. "Ok then." I sang along to the song and moved my hips from side to side. I waved my arm to one side and brought it back to me.

I blew Justin a kiss, signaling to him it was his turn. More people were beginning to show up, but we continued our dance.

He glided closer to me. He put his arms out in front of him and leaned side to side. I placed my hand on his chest to give me room. I mimicked him, trying to out do him.

He shook his head and popped his chest. Then, he froze and did it again. He was coming closer and closer to me. I held my hand over my face. He was being so cute and funny. I couldn't handle it.

I felt a hand slide to my back and a force brought me forward. I peeked through my fingers. Justin was smiling down on me. He removed my hand from my face.

"Don't hide that smile." A satisfied expression covered his face. He held my hand in his. Justin took a step backward and I followed. He led us across the floor. Then, he held my arm in the air. I twirled under him.

He pulled me back into him. Don't worry he was very gentle. I giggled into his chest as he giggled into my ear. We were awarded applause. I honestly was taken off guard, because I was in a completely different zone with Justin.

"You two are so cute." Nick teased. I pulled my lips into my mouth and looked away from Justin's infectious smile. "Alright squad. Let's get in a good stretch. Then we'll get started." Nick announced. 

"You're stretching me out today, right Justin?" I got comfortable on the wooden floor.

"I sure am." He sat in front of me. 

"Spread them legs." He cheesed. 

"Don't say it like that!" I laughed, but I did as I was told. He did the same and placed the bottom of his shoes to mine.

He reached his arms out for me. I held them. He lightly rubbed his thumbs in circles against the top of my hands. 

"You act like you're scared to touch me." I addressed.

"You look so delicate." He lightly pulled me in his direction. My back cracked. Justin quickly released my hands. "SEE!" He pointed. 

"No, it's fine. I needed that." I reached out for him to reconnect our hands.

He hesitantly grasped them. I smiled to remove any doubt he was feeling. He pulled me in his direction. My back cracked again. I felt his grip loosen up. I tightened my grasp and chuckled.

I sat back up and pulled him in my direction. He let go of my hands and crawled behind me. 

"Put your arms up." He ordered. I obeyed and looked at the ceiling.

His hands slowly slid down my arms. I jerked it away from him. 

"Shit!" I forgot about my bruised arm. 

"Oh my God. Ri, are you okay?!" He scanned my arm. I cradled it and shook my head. How could I be so stupid to forget about my arm?! It hurt like hell. 

He moved to my side and rolled my sleeve up. 

"What happened?" He asked. I didn't answer. 

"Rissa, what happened?" 

My attention was on someone else. Justin followed my eyes.

...Orlando was standing in the doorway.

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