Back Together

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Sorry, for taking to long to updated. I had to get back into the swing of going to school again. College sucks, too much work but I am getting through it. Dedicating this to gracedolan18 and everyone else whom commented <3

BTW, I want to start doing random one shots. I don't know if I will continue to do it but I have put one story up so far and I will post one tomorrow. So...check it out :)

Amber's POV

~ A week later ~

"You used your love to tear me apart

Now put me back together

You put a bullet into my heart

Now put me back together

Come on, I'm an addict

Come on, gotta have it

Come on, let me at it tonight

You used your love to tear me apart

Now put me back together," I sung with Robin Thicke while dancing around the room.

"I think you should let Robin sing, you fucking suck," I heard a voice say making me jump. What the fuck?

I looked to see Cristiano standing at the doorway smiling at me. I roll my eyes and smiled back then went to my phone to pause my Spotify playlist. I put down the paintbrush I had in my hand.

"So grey? You want our baby's nursey to be grey?" he said giving me a hug and kiss. I held my breath and said nothing to him about how bad he smelled because I knew he just got back from his work out that he does in the home gym after training camp.

"I don't see you trying to fucking paint it, and it's more of a purply grey. Since we don't know the sex of the baby yet I feel like purple is a neutral color, I mean at one point in time Justin Bieber wore purple and-"

"Wait, Justin Biebier, seriously? You are using that annoying kid as an example? Seriously?" he interrupted.

"Hey, shut up Biebs is trying to get his life together. I mean he was a kid who was given millions of dollars, wouldn't you go a little crazy?" I said.

"He went more than a little crazy but he is getting himself together. I can respect that but I can respect is what he did with that poor little monkey. I mean I just can't get over the fact that he left the monkey in Germany. What did the monkey ever do to him to get left behind?" he said really thinking about it this. I started to laugh but the stopped myself seeing how serious he is taking the situation. Note to self: get Cristiano an aborable little monkey for his birthday.

"Honestly, I don't know. I mean I know there is more to the story I just never cared to look into it. Anyways getting back on track, I think that this is a great neutral color," I told him.

"Maybe, but this is a baby's room make it colorful. Make the walls bright yellow put animals or something all over the room, make it look fun not boring," he said.

"Hey! Purpish-Grey is not boring!" I stomped pouting.

He started laughing, "Yes it is." He pulled at my bottom lip and then pulled me into a kiss.

I pushed him back. "You stink take a shower, old man," I said insulting him because I felt insulted. Was it right? No, but I don't care he was being asshat so its fine.

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