Chapter #30: Believe It


I was stunned, to say the least. I stared at Maverick as I tugged the fleece blanket tighter around my wet body. My eyes slowly moved away to his and focused on the rain hitting the large windows of his office aggressively, making crackling sounds that once would relax me, but now made me nervous.

It took me a few minutes to stop and repeat what Maverick had just said to me.

"I don't understand," I muttered, shying away from his gaze. "Sex?"

Maverick straightened his back, acting shocked as though I had no idea he would say something like that. He licked his dry lips, pushing his wet strands of hair away from his face. He suddenly seemed distant. "I know you wouldn't have sex with Asher."

My heart dropped as I dawned on the realization of what Maverick was trying to imply.

"Evan thinks I had sex with Asher?" I breathed, the sentence spitting through my lips, my heart beating erratically. Just the words sounded so unfamiliar to my lips, enough to make me cringe in disgust. "Please tell me you're joking! What is going on?"

As I asked what was going on, my heart panged in my chest. I hated to get Maverick involved with this mess. He was a man who was going to hire me, he's rich, millions of dollars under his belt, and I'm sitting here asking him about some petty drama.

Although it explained why Evan's reaction was so nerve racking. He'd thought I had sex with Asher while he was  out in the hospital. I felt offended at the idea of even having sex with Asher, and how the theory even came about. I would never stoop so low- even though I'd kissed Asher- I could never physically be with him like that.

I was suddenly screaming. "What the fuck? I don't get why- This has to be a joke?"

Maverick stood up, walking towards his desk. He took a big sip from his coffee, the way his actions were kindly reminded me who he was. I suddenly felt hot and embarrassed. I pushed the blanket off my body, standing up as quick as I could muster.

Maverick opened his mouth to speak, but I beat him to it. "I'm sorry, Maverick. I should go- this... This is outrageous to get you involved in."

I began walking towards the door, my sweater cold all over again. Maverick did a quick, awkward jog, pushing the door from my fingers.

"No, you don't have to leave. Even if you want to, one of my assitants must escort you. Please, have a seat. I'll explain everything."

I shook my head, baffled. "Maverick that isn't your job! You don't need to get involved with this crap. I'm so sorry you even have to talk about this when you must have a million things on your mind with your company. Please, let me leave."

He chuckled, shaking his head, a tired smile on his face. "Trust me, this is nothing compared to anything I've dealt with. This is why I have more than 100 people working for me. My actual work part is done, all I do is sit on my ass and be a business man."

I cringed. "I didn't know that's how things went about here."

He stuttered. "Not literally. I actually do shit here, Peyton."


He sighed, unbuttoning the top button of his dress shirt. He itched his neck at the relief. "I'm very close with Asher. I have been for a long time. His old foster parents were the foster parents I had whilst growing up. I'm three years older than him, and moved out. I consider myself parentless- if you must. So I know how Asher is. It really isn't a big deal to me, I'd rather have you know," he explained, leaning against a wall behind him. "I think you have the right to know anyways-"

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