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Nandini khanna:- lives in London, sister of Aryaman khanna, daughter of London's top business man, rich spoiled n hot girl, but down to earth, best friend ananya dhawan, She is the adopted child of khurana's, she is an event organizer.

Manik Malhotra:- lives in India, brother of Mukhti Malhotra, son of India's top business man, part of fab5, the handsome hunk, son of Raj n Nyonika Malhotra, loves to paly guitar, himself a business tycoon.

Mukhti Malhotra:- lives in India, sister of Manik Malhotra, hot sexy, boyfriend abhiamanyu thakkar. Loves to paly guitar part of fab5, runs boutique witha alya.

Abhimanyu Thakkar:- lives in London as has to work over there but every week comes to meet mukhti, girlfriend Mukhti Malhotra, doctor cancer specialist, n loves to do charity.

Aryaman Khanna:- lives in London, brother of Nandini Khanna, boyfriend of Ananya dhawan, a sports man, n London's top car rider, n loves his sister like anything n can do anything for her.

Ananya Dhawan:- sister of Cabir Dhawan, lives in London, studies over there, cabir knows abt her relationship, she is a dancer, n nandini's best friend.

Cabir dhawan:- lives in India, girlfriend Navya sinha, loves to play drums, part of fab5, brother of Ananya dhawan, loves his sister a lot, n he is the owner of 56 restaurant's all over the world.

Navya sinha:- lives in India, girlfriend of Cabir dhawan, best friend Mukhti Malhotra, sister of Alya sinha, loves to play classical music, daughter of a business man, n loves fab5 a lot.

Alya sinha:- lives in India, part of fab5 fashion designer, sister of Navya sinha, loves to play Piano, girlfriend of Dhruv vedant.

Dhruv Vedant:- lives in India, part of fab5, loves to play guitar, no siblings no parents, boyfriend of alya sinha, he has many malls all around the world.

Raj n Nyonika Malhotra:- have 2kids Manik n Mukhti, raj is business man n Nyonika a social worker, loves their kids, lives in India.

Shekhar n Smita khanna:- lives on London, shekhar is a business n smita is a social worker, loves their kids, Nandini is their adopted daughter where as aryaman is his own son.

Fab 5 is band, its not professional but loves to play when they r together its their passion not profession.

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