Chapter 1

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"Okay.... I'll call you later, Jean. I'm heading to see him right now. But we'll have to talk about getting together soon.... Love you too, bye." I pressed the end button and tucked my phone into my back pocket as I got into the elevator. I pressed the twelfth floor button.

The doors began to close but then someone stuck their hand in the door, pushing it back open so three men could get in. I smiled and nodded to them, moving into the corner.

When the elevator got to the sixth floor, it stopped again and four more men got in. The space was quickly occupied and I found myself squeezed against the wall with a man in front of me and two on either side, pressed against me.

I took notice at the posture of these men. One of them had his hand on the inside of his jacket, probably a gun. Another had his hand in his back pocket, a knife more than likely. One was even looking at me nervously.

They were going to try to kill me.

"My day just got better, boys." I smiled to the one to my left before elbowing his ribcage. Everything went into fast forward from there.

He swung for my head but I ducked, causing him to punch the wall. I then proceeded to pull the pocket knife out of my back pocket and cut his arm.

I kicked his stomach, making him fall back into another man. An arm wrapped around my neck so I threw my head back and busted his nose, then I grabbed the back of his neck while he was stunned and threw him over me, into a few other men.

I picked my knife up off the ground and threw it at the man coming after me. It was lodged into his stomach. I hated hurting people but I wasn't going to be the victim anymore.

The elevator dinged, stopping at the twelfth floor. That's where Nick said my next assignment would be along with my partner.

"Seven.... Ten.... Twelve." I mumbled the numbers of the rooms under my breath until I got to room twelve. It wasn't locked so all I had to do was twist the knob.

The door opened silently and I listened for any movement. Sure enough, I heard the television playing.

I closed the door behind me and pulled the pistol out of the back of my pants. I had to be safe and make sure my partner was there and not some HYDRA agent. My thumb slid the safety off as I made my way towards the living room.

I turned the corner and held the pistol up to a familiar man's head.

"Hello, love." Harry gave me a dimpled smile when he looked at me.

I smiled and put the safety on, then put the pistol back in it's place in the back waist band of my pants.

"Come here." I pulled him out of the chair and kissed his cheek as I hugged him. "I missed you, Harry. You didn't come for Christmas."

"I was with mine and Lou's mum and Gem. I'll try to drop in next Christmas." Harry kissed my forehead and squeezed me tightly. It had been a long time since I saw Harry and he was my brother.

"Tellan misses you almost as much as Alex does." I teased, heading back for the door.

"Oh, I miss Alex too." Harry commented sarcastically as he followed me, closing the apartment door behind me.

"What's our next mission?" I asked. Harry was my SHIELD partner, meaning we worked on missions together a lot and I trusted him with everything I had. Since Louis passed away at the last big battle against HYDRA and the mutants, Harry was reassigned me as a partner and he was happy with it, as was I.

"I don't know. Fury told me you knew." Harry glanced over at me.

"He only told me that my next mission was in that apartment."

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