Let me tell you, Allen. 2

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 "Hi! I'm Shekinah. Knock knock." she lifts her hand and knocks her fist in mid air.

"Uhh...hello?" ang awkward, err... Hindi ko malaman irereact ko sa current situation... "Who are you?"

"I told 'ya," she pouts as she walk towards my bed and pronounces her name by syllables, "I'm She-ki-nah."

"Understood. But who is Shekinah?" she opens her mouth and is about to protest but I continue my phrase to stop her, "Who are you in this hospital? Why did you enter in my room? Are you the one who was knocking from the next room?"

"Yadaa yadaa! Why do people ask lots of questions!" she jumps to the free space of my bed and place some strands of her long hair and starts eating the tip. "If I answer all your question, will you come out and play with me?"

Baliw siguro 'to, nagkamali ata sya ng hospital... Sa mental ata dapat sya. The way she acts is kinda creepy, not to mention her fair reflection in her white gown at ang mahaba nyang buhok. Sadako? :o

Impatient for my response, she moves forward having her face an inch away to mine then she repeats her question, "If I answer all your question, will you come out and play with me?"

"I guess so?" ay tae. I've run out of words at yun na lang nasagot ko. 

"That means 'yes' right?! Yay!" and to my surprise she suddenly grabs my hands and sways it up and down as she smiles in enthusiasm, "Who am I in this hospital? I'm a patient as well. Why did I enter in your room? Checking out for company, I'm bored. Am I the one who was knocking from the next room? Yaa, i'm the girl next door."

As soon as she have filled all my questions she stands up pulling my hands with her, I hesitate to get off my bed, "Let's go! Promise is a promise!"

"But," wala naman akong pinromise eh... "Oh well, let's go. But just a minute, lemme get my jacket."

Inalis ko pagkakahawak nya sakin at pumunta sa cabinet ko na nasa gilid ng kwarto, nilabas ko ang naka-hanger kong jacket at sinuot ito habang pinagmamasdan ang weird na si Shekinah na kasalukayang nakaupo sa gilid ng kama ko habang nakayuko at pinagmamasdan ang pag-sway back and forth ng mga paa nya. Nung malagay ko na jacket ko, kinuha ko naman sa ilalim ng cabinet ang sapatos ko at sinuot ito.

I think she's harmless naman kaya having a company for tonight is not such a bad idea.

"Let's go?" she asks excitedly. 

"Wait, how 'bout you? Arent you going to get dressed? It's only Spring and it'll be cold outside esp with just a hospital gown on."

She inspects herself, up and down, then she shakes her head, "Nah! I dont have any jackets with me. Neither shoes."

"In your room?" 


"Then what do you have?" 

"Nothing." she smiles. Argh, then why's she wanting to go out if she has nothing to cover her from the coldness of the outside?

"Ano ba namang babae 'to oh," I mumbled in tagalog afterall she won't understand me.  

"Well, I can borrow your socks..." she heads to my cabinet and rummages it for a pair of socks.

"And then I can get your blankie," pagkatapos maisuot yung medyas bumalik sya sa may kama at hinigit nya yung bed sheet ko sa kama at kinover nya sa sarili nya. Now, she's all white w/ the sheet covered to her. Then she bows her head and she places her hair on her face leaving only some spaces to her eyes w/c is visibly black and white in the moonlight's reflection. She raises her hand and I twitch to her image, "Awoo."

"Cut it out!" I freaked out. She absolutely looks like the ring girl and it's kinda creeping me out.

"hahaha!" she raises her head abruptly and her hair fly back to where it was. And she teases, "Scared were you?"

"Almost! You're likely the duplicate of sadako! Bah! Let's go, stop with your sillyness." I head to the door and she follows.

"Ssh." I hush w/ my index finger on my lip, "We need to be careful with the nurses, they go back and forth. It'll be trouble if we get caught."

"Aye aye captain!" she raises her both thumb and she giggles.

Unconsciously, I pat her head. She looked so adorable that I've not resisted.


"Here," she points to the emergency exit door, "We can't use the froont door 'coz there will be guards."

"Then, let's head out."

Upon exposed to the outside, cold breeze gave me the shiver and it's the same for her.

"Ang lamig." 


"Ah, nothing. It's cold, eh? There's still the Winter's air." 

"Well, April's yet to come. Spring's just about to bloom." explain nya habang bumaba na kami sa hagdan ng emergency exit.

"Yeah, and there you was wanting to go out in just a hospital gown that doesnt even reach your knees." she just sticks her tongue out on my sarcasm.

"Now that we're on the ground, what're we gonna do?" 

"I dunno." 

"How come you don't know?" grabe lang 'tong babaeng 'to, pinakaweird sa lahat ng nakilala ko, "You invited me, you should atleast have an idea of what to do." 

"I dunno." she repeated while shaking her head. 

"Good heavens," I place my palm on my forehead, "C'mon, let's just have a walk."

Ayun nga, naglakad lakad na lang kami side by side. Hindi ko nga alam kung saan kami pumupunta eh, basta sinusundan ko lang kung saan ako dinadadala ng mga paa ko.

"Ah yeah, would you mind if I ask what you have? I mean why are you in the hospital?" naitanong ko bigla habang naglalakad kami, atleast to have a little conversation.

"I'm not telling." she smiles at me and it must be my imagination or the drowsiness that makes me see her a wee bit transparent under the moon's light passing through her pallid skin.

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