Chapter 4: Play Ball!

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[Troy's POV]

I jogged back to the field, mentally cursing myself for the way my eyes were roaming her body in the dress she had on. Her hair had been dyed red, causing her blue eyes to pop. The dress formed a V at her chest and fit every curve of her body perfectly.

"So, who's the girl?" Jose asked, noting that I kept looking her way.


"The girl you keep staring at over there. That's your kid isn't it?"

"Her name is Harper and she agreed to watch Taz for me."

"Pretty thing."

"She's gorgeous," Josh interjected.

"She's so not my type though," I sighed.

"What do you mean?"

"The tattoos. The piercings. The tomboy look she has," I shrugged.

"Please tell me she has her tongue pierced," Ben said.

"I don't know if she does it not."

"Those and bellybutton piercings are the best on a girl," Kevin agreed.

"You should find out if she has it," Josh winked.

"What? No," I frowned.

"Come on. You can't take your eyes off her. You're free again. She likes your kid too."

Aiden played patty cake with Taz, the three of them laughing. Josh was right, despite the fact she wasn't my type I didn't want to take my eyes off the heavily tattooed and pierced girl that had offered to help me look after my son but I was not even close to being over Danyll.


"Got it!" I called, shading my eyes from the sun with my glove.

Catching the sac fly, I tossed on the run to Smoak at first base for the first out. Justin caught the ball with ease, the runner out. The crowd cheered as I looked through my shades towards where Harper sat. Taz was laughing as she clapped and Aiden followed along. Seeing my little guy having fun made my heart melt, but even more so was how much he seemed to like her. He hadn't made strange with her at all.

"Nice play," Josh said.

"Thanks," I said, pulling my shades down as we ran back to the dug out for the next inning.

I stepped up to the batter's box for my turn at bat. Playing for the first time in front of a new team was always nerve wrecking. All I could think about was how I wanted to prove to my new team I was good and that I could easily fit in with the club.

"Let's go Tulo!" the crowd chanted.

I lined myself up for the first pitch, taking a first pitch strike. Adjusting my batting gloves and checking my swing, I stepped back in to the batter's box, adjusting my helmet. The second pitch came as I leaned in to my swing, sending the ball soaring high and in to the second deck as the crowd cheered, the Rogers Centre horn blaring loudly. Rounding the bases, I got back to home plate, Russell giving me a high five as I got back. Walking to the dugout, I was praised by my new teammates.

"Nice!" Josh said as he got ready to step in to the box.

"Way to go," Jose said.

"Now that's how you make an impression on your new team," Gibbon's smiled as he patted my shoulder.

"Looks like someone else is cheering for you too," Ryan nodded.

Looking beside the dugout, Harper gave me a smile and a thumbs up. She made Taz clap too, a smile on his face. Aiden looked pretty happy too.

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