12. Bumps and Bruises

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Before I could retaliate, he pushed me into a dresser. I cried out in pain. 

"I said shut up!" He seethed. Anger completely built up in me.

I swung my hand into his face. 

"Don't you ever touch me again!" He stumbled backward. I guess I slapped some sense into him. He reached for me, I moved back. "I said don't touch me Orlando!" 


"GET OUT or I'm calling the cops!" I shouted.

His expression dropped. He walked out of my bedroom. I lightly touched my cheek. The sound of the front door slamming startled me. My vision blurred once tears overwhelmed my eyes.

I wiped away my tears as they danced down my cheek. I ran my fingers over my arm. It was throbbing. 

"UGH!" I threw my head back in anguish. I went into the kitchen and got an ice pack from the freezer and placed it on my tender arm.

I leaned against the wall. The cool sensation numbed my arm and relieved the pain. I closed my eyes and tried to clear my head. It didn't do any good. 

"What happened to you?!" April broke the somewhat peaceful moment.

I closed the freezer and tried to walk past her. She blocked my path. She reached for my face. I avoided her contact. 

"Ri, did you get in a fight?" 

"No, April. Stop." I maneuvered past her, returned to my room and locked the door.

Tears immediately poured out my eyes. I shook my head, trying to erase the thought of what my boyfriend just did to me. I felt so low and dirty. He accused me of betraying him, made me feel like shit, and abused me.

There were several knocks on my door. 

"Ri, open up, please." 

"April go away!" 

"Who did this to you?!" I slapped my hand over my eyes. Will she just go away already? Instead, she continued knocking.

She was starting to piss me off. I went into the bathroom to block out the noise coming from the other side of the wall. I took a shower and came out to a nice, silent room. I crawled up into my blankets.

My phone was continuously vibrating. I turned it to silent, but it kept lighting up. I already knew it was Lando. I flipped it over and turned over in my bed. I instantly grimaced when my arm touched my sheets. I laid the ice pack back on my arm.

I turned on my TV. It was a good distraction. It was also a good lullaby, because I finally drifted into an unexpected slumber.

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