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Mitch was walking towards the bed with a smirk as he wore super tall black boots that only allowed a small portion of his skin to show between them and his tight booty shorts.

Mark cracked a whip with a smirk as he stood just behind Mitch. Mitch bent over slowly in front of him with a seductive gaze.

"You wanna spank us now, Daddy?" Mitch asked and bit his lip, his eyes gazing over Scott's body.


"Scott, Mark is going to be here any minute and I would like it if you'd help me clean up!" Mitch sassed, running around the living room to pick up small, random pieces of trash.

Scott grabbed Mitch from behind and lifted him in the air. Mitch fought him off with giggles.

"Scott please!? Put me down!" He kicked and wiggled.

Scott laughed and threw Mitch stomach-down onto the couch, laying on top of him. "I love it when you fight back." He said in a low voice, his breath hitting the back of Mitch's neck.

Mitch gasped and tried to get Scott off of him. "Oh my God! Stop! Get off of me!"

Scott smiled and kissed Mitch's neck sending chills down his spine. "I love you, Mitchy."

Mitch sighed. "I love you too! But get off!"

Scott started laughing. "Get off? I thought we'd wait until Mark got here for that."

Mitch's eyes widened. "You know what I meant, Scott!" He couldn't help but laugh too.

A knock on the door pulled their attention and while Scott's head was turned Mitch smiled evilly and pushed him off enough to get up.

"Shit! There's still food particles on the counter!" Mitch said and sprinted to wipe the counter off.

Scott rolled his eyes and heaved himself clumsily from the couch. "I'll get it then." He said with a hint of sass and opened the door. "Hey, Mark! Come in!"

Mark looked Scott up and down, drinking in his appearance. Scott was wearing a white bro tank and black basketball shorts. He smiled lightly to himself and walked inside. Mitch threw away a paper towel and smiled at Mark, a blush uncontrollably reaching his cheeks. Mark smirked. Mitch was wearing a pair of yoga pants and a cute, loose tank top. "Nice to see you again, twin."

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