Chapter 19 : My Subconciousness

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"What the hell is that!?"


A mans' voice boomed into the room "It's your alarm clock now wake up!"

"Alarm!? Wait who's there?"

"It's me you idiot. After yesterday you passed out so I brought you here"

"Passed out?"


"No Sally..listen to me.." he took a deep breath and put his hands on my shoulder he looked at me like he as in pain of some sort "You never woke up.."


"Oh. Then where are we?" I asked as I sit up "Wait a minute. We're in the mansion, you lied to me I thought you said that I was in a coma you said that I was imagining everything"

"I wasn't lying Sally. You're in a coma and you are imagining everything"

"If I was imagining everything how come I can feel pain, how come I feel attached, how come when I cry my tears fall, how come I feel sad. If I was imagining all of this wouldn't you think I imagined everyday to be perfect!?"

"You would I know but deep down you're lonely very lonely you know you haven't woken up yet but yet you kept denying it and by denying it you created your own twisted reality Sally, everyone's waiting for you so please wake up"

"Twisted!? Twisted reality!? what do you mean twisted!? everything that's happening is real! this bed this pillow the sound of that alarm clock they're all real!" I protested "And what about Jane! huh!? what you and that other guy don't tell me that everything here is make believe because they're not!"

"Sally listen to me" he knelt in front of me "Everything is make believe in here right now, think of Jane"


"Just do it"

I thought of Jane and how we first met how she has a pet cat called Grinny and how she loves Slendie's cooking that she would come every night to eat dinner with us

The door burst open

"Oh my God Sally are you okay!? You stay away from her!"

"Jane" tears welled up in my eyes "I'm so glad you're okay"

"Now Sally listen to me"

"No! Why should I Jane's here! and she's talking to me and she's telling me to get away from you!"

"No she's your subconsciousness you made her. Think about it every time you're in need or in trouble you always have Jane. Jane's always there for you. Remember you always wanted a family.."

"No Jane has her own mind I didn't make her I met her in the woods!"

"No you made yourself meet her, you made her Sally" Luke faced Jane "How did you get here Jane?"

"I-I ran from my house"

"Where is your house?" he asked

"In the woods" Jane replied obediently

"Why did you come here?"

"To check on Sally"

"To make sure that she's safe.."

"Now tell me. the truth the complete truth. Who do you long for the most?" Luke asked as he looked at Jane then me

"Who do I long for the most!? haha you're funny it's Ben of course" Jane replied

"What, I--" Janes' face and body became distorted "What's happening!? What did you do!?" I asked frantically

Luke leaned down to my ear"I didn't do anything you're the one doing this you're fighting yourself Sally just accept the truth. This is all make believe Sally you can make it all stop with in one command Sally it's all up to you" he whispered

"Wait please wait! where are you going please help me it hurts please! everything hurts!! Help me" I begged clutching my head

"I'm sorry Sally my time is limited..someone will come back to you I just don't know if its me wait for it we're all waiting for you Sally" he replied as he left

"No Please come back! Help me! It's dark It's so cold and dark no ones here please, please I'm begging you help me and come back I don't want to be alone.."



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