The day passed in a breeze.... My mind was occupied with the hot new kid! Wow... He was hot! I told Annabel when she came over after school. I felt like the world was shrinking in all around me. Wait? This can’t be right! I’ve never had a boyfriend, sure I had my first kiss at a party... But, that doesn’t count! I will never get that boy so I should just give up now.

    I shrunk into my couch and Annabel said something I couldn’t believe. “You should go for him! I mean I would but, you know I got my eye on somebody else!” she winked at me.

    “Do you really think I should?? I mean who knows if he is nice or not?” I told her in response.

    “ You should just try to get to know him and if he’s nice... Try to get him to go on a date with you!” She smiled and we both started to blabber on and on about random things.

    After like an hour or something... Annabel had to leave. So, I decided to go upstairs and pick out what to wear for tomorrow. I chose some brown wedges that have ribbon twirling up my ankles. A pink tank top and my favorite brown skirt. The outfit looked like it was a dress that went to mid thigh. I also decided to use my brown headband that had one bow on the side to compliment my red hair. I tried on my outfit and decided it was perfect!

    I then did my homework waiting for my mom to get home from work. I walked out of my room and headed downstairs. I was super hungry, I decided to go to the kitchen and start making pasta when my mom wallked in.... “Hey Abigail, what are you making?”

    “Just pasta, want some?” I asked as I put the penne into the boiling water.

    “Sure sweetie! I’ll be right back though,” as she walked into her room.

    When she came back I gave her a plate of pasta and we talked about her day, my day... School, and some plans for vacation! I decided to watch TV and headed to bed.

-- Next Morning --

    I woke up, got dressed, and headed out the door to Annabel’s house. I always pick her up every morning. When I got to her house she came running out and I just unlocked the doors. We talked about how she was so going to fail this up coming project since it was due tomorrow and she hadn’t even started! We arrived at school, she headed in as I parked the car.

    When I walked out I ran right into... None other than, Amy Pettyfer, the head cheerleader, which whom I hate. We are complete enemies.

    “ Well, hello Abi,” she said with utter disgust, “I have been looking for you!”

    “ Is it to get your butt kicked? Because I thought we did that last week,” I smirked.

    “ No... I wanted to tell you to back off of the new kid, he is going to be mine!” she smiled and I just stood there tapping my foot.

    “ Well, can I go now?” I asked with a bored look on my face.

    “ Yes... You can go now, Abigail.” She laughed as I sauntered away.

    After I got into the school and started to look for Annabel... Something ran into me, or should I say someone. When I turned around to say,  ‘watch where your going imbecile.’  I caught myself and was staring into the eyes of the new kid....

“I’m so sorry miss!” he said, “ I am Alexander Luca, but you can call me Alec. What is your name?”

I smiled and said, “well, my name is Abigail Piper, pleased to meet you Alec! So, I have to get to Science but, I’ll see you later.” I walked away with a small smile plastered onto my face. Oh this is going to be a fun day!

    By the time I got to science, my smile faded when I walked in. I sat down and the teacher immediately said, “Abigail Piper, come here please!”

    I walked up to the desk and said, “what is it Mr. Fife?”

    “Your grade on yesterday’s test was a D. What happened? You are usually such a good student?” He said with a frown.

    “ I guess I was off-task. I could retake the test?” I smiled a fake smile and he nodded, telling me to come in tomorrow morning early so I can get the test done. I agreed and went back to my seat. As Alec came in, the bell rang right as he sat down, Oh he was so close to being late! Class began and when we were reading our textbooks, Alec turned around, smiled and winked at me. I just smiled back and my body looked calm but on the inside I was jumping for joy! This is day was DEFINITELY going to be fun!

-- Lunch --

    The morning classes passed by in a breeze. When I got to Lunch, Amy Pettyfer, walked over to me with her cheerleader posse. “Hey Abi,” said Amy, “I saw you flirting with the new kid... BACK OFF!” I just chuckled and thought... * italics *You don’t even know his name yet! * italics * I spun back to my chair without saying anything in response.

    Throughout lunch, everyone kept looking towards me. Smiling and laughing and looks like giving me credit? I spun back around in my chair, saw people staring, “TAKE A PICTURE IT WILL LAST LONGER!” then I looked toward Annabel, “Come on... Let’s go.” As I stood up, spun on my heels and walked away. Annabel chasing behind me calling, “WAIT UP!” and “Stop! I can’t run as fast as you!”

    I just stopped and sat on the bench under a tree. I wonder why no one comes out here for lunch? It is quite peaceful and I like it a lot! I feel the world is just so stupid, sit inside all cooped up when you can go outside to the peaceful world. I wait until Annabel comes and sits next to me, I say, “I couldn’t take it anymore. I’m sick of everyone laughing at us!”

    “It’s ok... I didn’t like it much either, Abi,” Annabel said.

    “Ok... But, I feel we need to do something to stop it.” I responded trying to come up with a plan.

    “We will.. But, for now. Let’s just finish our lunches!” She smiled and handed me the saran-wrapped sandwich I left behind.

    We talked about anything, we talked about EVERYTHING! She kept talking on and on about random things. The bell rang out and we headed to our next classes. I had every single one of by afternoon classes with annabel. So, we headed to Italian, it’s my favorite subject because I think the language is so beautiful.  The rest of the day was simple and when I dropped Annabel at home, I just sat in my room and did my homework. Then I went to sleep and started a new day.

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