Suicide Of A Broken Heart

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Suicide Of  A Broken Heart

Maybe it's because I love you so much that I can't stand to be the one you hate.

1.    She smashed the rear view mirror with her hand because today she wasn’t looking back.

2.    Sometimes I feel like the last cookie in the cookie jar, alone and broken.

3.    Some times when I close my eyes at night, I hope to never wake up.

4.    Death is not the greatest loss in life. The greatest death is what dies inside while we are still alive.

5.    Let go of the familiar and find the different.

6.    I gave up a long time ago. I gave up on the pain and the weakness. Some people say that its weakness, giving up. I think that it just made me stronger to be able to walk away.

7.    And all I wanted was to get over you, but look were we are now with all this bloodshed and tears.

8.    I’m only still alive because I know when I die, there will be no where for me to go. God doesn’t accept people like me.

9.    They say you can’t put a price on life, I can. I’m free to kill.

10.  My heart is like a storm that never seems to pass.

11.  Alright well I have to go kill myself.

12.  I’m not going to write a suicide note because I know that that letter will give you something to remember me by and I want you to forget I ever existed.

13.  Most parents think that their child won’t commit suicide because they think their child is scared. We aren’t.

14.  Dear All Suicidal Teens That Are Dead, see ya in about 3 seconds, Sincerely Andrew

15.  I whisper my secrets into the wind so that I never have to hear them again.

16.  I can’t stop myself from falling for you but I can stop myself from crashing down.

17.  Trying to stop the tears…

18.  I need to find my true love, soon.

19.  You’re beautiful, just the way you are. Why can’t you understand that someday someone is going to come along and love you for your heart? And if they go and break your heart, you know you have me. I’ll break their nose and at the same time be your shoulder to cry on. Maybe then you will see that I was their all along.

20.  Take time to notice the little things because I guarantee that those have the biggest meaning in the world.

21.  Stop acting like your blind and see me!

22.  I want to be the one that can make you say “I Love You More”


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