Nate Maloley

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I was at a party dancing on nate Maloley. My favorite song back up off my by Dej loaf played. I grinded on nate to the beat.

"Lets take this upstairs?" He whispered in my ear. I nodded and he grabbed my hand and Lead me upstairs. We went into a room and he pushed me onto the bed. He roughly attached our lips together. I wrapped my arms around his neck and he out his on my ass. He detached our lips and ok my shirt off. I took his off and unbuttoned his jeans he kicked them off. I took his Calvin Klein underwear off. I looked up at him and he smirked. I grabbed his dick and started pumping him. I put him all I could fit in my mouth and pumped the rest. I licked the tip and swirled my mouth around it. I pumped faster as he grabbed my hair and started thirsting into my mouth. He came into my mouth and i swallowed it.

"My turn" he smirked. He threw my on the bed and took my bra pants and underwear off. He kissed my lips then sucked on my breast. He followed the trail down to my area. He opened my legs And kissed my clit before sucking an licking my folds.
"Nate.." I moaned. He smirked at me before returning to me. He younger knew all the right places.
"I'm gonna cum" I cummed inside his mouth. Without any warning he slammed into me.
"Babe" I moaned. He flipped us over so I was on top. I began riding him.
"Y/N" he moaned. I smirked as I bounced on his dick. He flipped us over again and he began thirsting into me hitting my G spot.

"Faster Nate" I moaned. He smirked at me or the millionth time and followed my orders.
"I'm gonna"
"Same" we both released.

"Best sex ever" he said. I smiled and kissed him for the hundredth time tonight.

"round two?" He said when we both caught our breathes.

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