"Elena... What have you possibly been thinking?! You could've killed her!" Damon said as he walked into their room after he calmed Becca down.

"I don't know! I lost my temper and I didn't know what I did," Elena said.

"What did she do to make you punish her?" Damon asked her, calmer. He took a seat beside Elena on the bed.

"She got suspended for four days..."

"She got what?!" Damon exclaimed, cutting her off. He ran his fingers through his hair due to stress.

Elena explained what happened at school and what caused her to spank Becca.

"I know she disobeyed and disrespected you and I didn't blame you that you spanked her, because honestly she's more than to deserve that, but what you did... It's not okay and it's not acceptable. I know you're mad at her, but spanking her until she bruised like that is way too extreme. The purpose of a spanking is to teach her, not to make her nearly die," Damon said, pointing it out as usual.

"I was just really angry at her," she said, reasoning with him.

Damon let out a sigh. "We've talked about this, Elena. Never ever take your anger out on her. Especially when you are spanking her," he said.

"Look, I'm sorry...," she apologized, playing with her hands.

"I'm not the one who you should be apologized to and you know exactly sorry doesn't always cut it," Damon said.

"What do you mean?" Elena asked hesitantly.

"You're going to apologize to Becca, but before that you're going to get a spanking from me," Damon stated bluntly.

Elena laughed nervously. "You're kidding, right?"

Damon shook his head. "No, I'm not," he told her, shooting her with an 'I'm-goddamn-serious' look.

Elena blinked at his statement. "You can't do that. I'm not a child. Besides, I'm too old for a spanking," she said.

"You're not a child, but you sure act like one. You can't just take your anger out on our daughter like you just did, Elena. It's a very immature thing to do," Damon said again.

"I know that, but..."

"No buts and besides, in my opinion, you're never too old for a spanking. So, get over here," Damon said sternly, patting his lap.

"Come on Damon... Let's just do something else," Elena said, trying to seduce him. She approached Damon, but instead of laid across his lap, she climbed on him and kissed him on the cheek, trailing down to the crook of his neck.

"What are you doing?" Damon questioned her, still with his stern voice.

"Can't I just have a romantic time with my sweet, hot, immortal husband?" Elena asked back in her sexy voice, starting to kiss him again. As bad as Damon wanted to have a make out session with his wife, he swallowed back all his lust because he knew Elena did something very wrong and he needed to deal with that. Damon grabbed both of her upper arms and pushed her body away from him gently.

"We have forever to do that, Elena. On the other hand, we can't let something like this slide. Don't you think?" Damon asked, raising one of his perfect eyebrows.

Elena didn't answer. She just pouted.

"Come on. Let's get this over with," he said, lifted her up gently and pulled her across his lap.

"No... Please.. This is so embarrassing... Our daughter will hear it..," Elena whined.

"Will hear what?" Damon asked, making it as if he didn't know what she was talking about.

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