Prologue: In Which He Doesn't Seek Redemption

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➳T A K E   N O T E

This book will be told in DUO POVs. The chapters that have the header "In Which He..." is Jax's POV. The chapters that have the header "In Which She..." is Blaire's POV. Please take note, otherwise you will get confused!


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[ J A X ' S   P O V ]

Remember the time I said to my ex-girlfriend that I'll get out of town and turn over a new leaf?

Yeah. I only got the 'getting out of town' part right.

If we really want to get specific, I didn't actually tell her that I was going to change and all that bullshit. I had a weak moment—a very, very weak moment—in which I got drunk and basically told her that I loved her but also I don't love her—I know, it's complicated—and she, being the only sane one in this situation, told me to start over somewhere else.

And I did. Kind of. I'm in LA a.k.a the City of Angels—It sounds like a fucking Cassandra Clare book—and upon the first five minutes of being here, I don't feel any holier.

What a fucking disappointment.

I don't know what to expect when I came here. My father was the one who suggested that I moved here, at least temporarily, until I can get my shit together before heading back to university.

      And like an idiot, I took his advice, packing all my bags, and moved all across the fucking country only to realize that I didn't get a huge epiphany like I hoped about being a better and more peaceful person and turning into a damn priest.

Perhaps the priest thing was a little bit exaggerated, but you catch my drift.

I know, I know, you must be thinking that this Jax guy is really damn stupid if he thinks that he can just change just because he moved states. Well, obviously I knew that. I know change takes effort. I've seen the movies. I've read the books.

Seen it first-hand, actually.

Sienna Lane a.k.a said girlfriend had been a major bitch when I cheated on her with her sister. She lusted for revenge and craved it so much that she would put her quest for my blood above anything else. I don't blame her—she's been fucked up ever since her parents divorced three years ago. Mom left her for the Bahamas—or some place like that. She had to stay with her dad and watch him as he married and remarried over and over again.

When I found her, she was a god given mess. I saved her. I made her strong. I told her to hold two middle fingers up in the air and said fuck the world. And she did it. I played a major part in helping her become her worst. It's not something I would brag.

      But I have to admit, I thought I was doing her right. I taught her that anger is the only thing that's keeping us going in life. Anger is the reason why we fight.

And boy, she fought. With everything she got.

So naturally, when she found out I cheated on her with Beth, she was furious and her only priority was to watch me fall. She teamed up with my rival in the fighting ring—Kayden Williams—and she taught him everything she knew about me so he could beat me.

But I think somewhere along the way, she kind of fell in love with him—gag, I know—but their relationship couldn't really progress unless Sienna let go of her anger. And  in that time, there wasn't a chance in hell she was going to do that.

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