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Marina's POV

-after show-

All of us got so many present from the fans I love all of them.

Especially my gigantic teddy bears and drawings everyone pretty much got like 20-34 presents I got 23.

I went to the bathroom and took a shower dryed my hair and put on PINK sweats (the store) and a T-shirt.

I got out of the bathrrom and run and flopped on to my bed i went on my phone.

Then I remembered I got bunch of twitter accounts from fans to follow so I got the plastic bag I put them in and

went on twitter and started to follow the accounts.

-30 minutes later-

I finished all the twitter names I was given and heard someone knock on the door.

I run to the door and I open it to see Hayes.

I smiled and said "hey" then I hugged him as he hugged back.

"Hi uh I came to ask if you wanna go get something to eat with Nash and Kalolaine I asked the others they were busy" he

says. "Sure is it like formal or regular" I questioned "regular" he replies "ok let me go to the bathroom and change wanna

come in" i asked "sure" he says and come in and sits down in the desk and goes on his phone.

I grab my outfit -on the top- and change I decided not to go with bag cause all I need is my phone which has a wallet

case so I have money. I come out of the bathroom "ok lets go" I said "ok" he says gets up and catches up to me.

"So where are we gonna go" I asked "panda express" he says "ok I see how it is" I say and he laughs.

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