Just a Treasure (The Tale of a Knight, a Ninja, and a Pirate): Chapter 11

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I carefully stepped over a large log and continued on into the dark jungle. Kuratu was behind me, his torch raised high and lighting my way. He was carrying a broadsword engraved with the SKull Giants' runes, the first weapon the giants had reforged to fight back. Behind him came eight other giants, each armed with similar broadswords. Seth, John, Jet, Hector, Swift Crow, the giants and I were all travelling through ght jungle to where the treasure was. Kuratu had explained the riddle. The "bones of the Violet Gods" weren't even bones. They were one thing: the graveyard of the Skull Giants.

As we walked, we all were still afraid of attack from the Bones, and Jet (who I had thought was pretty dumb) had figured out that if we destroy the source of their power, the book of Ahura Mazda, then maybe they would die, or at least something would happen to them. Legend had that the book was still on the ship of the Bones, which was known as the Blade.

Finally, we reached a large circular clearing in the trees. The moonlight gave it an eerie quality, and hundreds of men were standing in the clearing: extremely tall and skinny men wearing wooden masks...As we drew closer, I saw that the men were not even men at all. They were totems, tall totems made of wood and engraved with designs of plants, animals, and the skull faces of the giants who were no doubt buried inside. As we progressed into the eerie graveyard, we came to a huge rectangular totem ringed with several stones. Huge braziers on tall poles ringed the totem as well, and the giants began to light the braziers with their torches, creating a ring of light around us.

"This is it. Yuki, move aside and let us dig, young one," said Kuratu, stepping forwards with three of his men.

The giants handed their swords to the others of their kind and began to dig with their bare hands, deep into the earth at the front of the totem's base. After about three minutes or so of digging, the ground fell away to reveal a hard wooden surface overlaid with metal. Kuratu reached in, and with his muscular arms, pulled out the chest. It was fairly small, but upon opening it, the treasure more than made up for that. The 999 coins of the Persian Gold glittered in the moonlight, each emblazoned with a sigil of Persian King Darius' face on the front and the god Ahura Mazda's visage on the back. Nobody even touched it for a few seconds, as we were all amazed at the unimaginable riches contained inside.

"This is...AMAZING!" Hector cried.

All of a sudden, a gunshot split the air, and Seth keeled over with a roar. Men in black robes, hooded robes, emerged from the jungle. The Bones were here. Seth struggled up with a groan. The bullet had glanced off of his thick plate armor. We all got on guard as the undead pirates approached. I was scared now, as this encounter, there was no sunlight to kill them. A man in the front of the pack had on a metal mask in the form of a skull, and he was carrying a knife in either hand.

"So. We meet again, Redding and crew. But this time, it will be I, Carrion Jake, that has the honor of killing you all," said the man.

"Save the talk!" roared Jet, rushing at him with his axe raised.

Carrion Jake dodged the first blow, and the clearing exploded into a battleground as bullets began ripping the air and swords began to clang. One of the Bones rushed at me with a scimitar, and I sidestepped his first strike before tossing a shuriken into his neck. As expected, he didn't fall, and I backed away from his second slash. I blocked his third with my katana and launched a counterattack that cut into his shoulder, severing his arm from his body. I kicked him away, and his hood fell back, exposing his skull face with rotting flesh hanging from the bone. Again, as I predicted, he didn't die.

"So you think you can still kill us? Look at your crew, they can barely even put up a fight!" cried the pirate's skull, standing back up.

Kunoichi never repond to taunts, thus, I didn't say anything. He slashed at me again, and I ducked under the wild slice. I stepped forward and lopped his legs off, and he fell, struggling to get back up with his sole remaining arm. He gave a cry of rage, but I had at least disabled him for a second. I looked around the fight for a second, and noticed that we were losing. The basically invincible Bones were beating us back. Already two giants were down and Hector was crumpled over with a wound to his head.

"That's it! Drive them back!" Jake yelled.

All of a sudden, Seth had a brilliant idea that I hadn't noticed before. He knocked over one of the braziers, and it collapsed onto Carrion Jake. The fire lit up the pirate like a torch, but it fortunately didn't spread to the damp wood of the jungle trees. The Lonely Bones cried out as their leader fell, burning, to the forest floor. Kuratu snatched up a torch in his free hand, swinging it at a pirate. The torch cut across the pirate's face, and his hood and upper body were set on fire. He collapsed with a roar, and a second giant cut his flaming body in two with his broadsword.

"Back! Back to the Blade!" roared one of the Bones, before a brazier smashed across his chest.

"Pursue them!" Kuratu yelled, but the Bones were too fast, and most of them had vanished into the forest already, leaving the burned bodies of their comrades behind.



I stepped into the longboat with Yuki and John. We had returned to the village and dropped off the Gold there. Now we had to sneak aboard the ship to burn the Book of Ahura Mazda. If we did, this whole thing would be over, and we could return. The crew of the Cutter and the Skull Giants all wished us luck as we cast off from the shore and drifted out onto the open sea. John and I began to paddle, and we saw the ship of the Lonely Bones, the Blade, floating grimly on the sea in the distance; a black titan against the dark night sky.

"Here we go. Yuki, you'll sneak on and burn the book since you're our stealthiest one. Seth and I will cover your retreat," John said. Yuki nodded.

"Good luck," I said, and she gave a second nod of acknowledgement.

"Yuki...Don't die in there," John said with a smile, and Yuki smiled back.

"I...I'll try not to," she said, leaning forwards and kissing John on the lips.

As they shared their kiss, I gave a little smile. I had seen it coming all along. But we didn't have time to worry about that, as our boat drifted up to the side of the Blade. Yuki and John broke off from their kiss, and the kunoichi donned her mask. She also put on her shoku, leather straps that ran around the hand with small spikes on the underside for the purposes of hooking into wood while climbing. Yuki dug her shoku into the side of the Lonely Bones' ship, and she began to climb up its surface silent as a cat.

The final mission had begun.

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