The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don't do anything about it.

-Albert Einstein-


"So, Ms. Patterson who do you owe your major success to?" 

I tilted my head to the side before I spoke, "My success?" I tapped my lips and then looked back at the TV interviewer. "I owe my success to the people who make my success happen." I replied.

The interviewer gave me a confused look. "And who may that be?" She asked me curiously.

I shrugged and smirked, "People....normal people who work for me, the builders of my tall skyscrapers, my receptionists who keeps things running early in the morning, hell...the custodians that sweep and mop the floors late at night when the day is over for the business...I owe them my success." I stated simply.

The interviewer still looked confused probably wondering why the hell I was giving credit to people who's names barely grazed the media's attention and screens. I almost scoffed publicly at how dumb our news broadcasts had become; how vacant and simple-minded they were when it came to what made a business...a company....and empire thrive.

People. Normal people.

"Without all these people in my companies, everything would fall apart. You need someone to take in the first appointments in the morning, to greet the people as they first encounter your business, you need the builders of the building in order to create the image, the legacy of the company, or it would literally fall to the ground." I casted my glance away from the reporter and fixated my gaze elsewhere.

"You need the janitors at the end of the day to sweep and mop the floor because without them, your company would be disorganized, filthy, and worth absolutely no ones attention and respect. So I don't owe my "success" to big name billionaires or well-known celebrities...I don't even owe it to myself anyone can be capable of the job I'm doing right now if your education is right....I owe it to my employees." I finally finished.

The reporter cleared her throat and glanced back to the television screen with a wide and fake smile.

"And there you have it folks Valeria Patterson-world renowned billionaire of New York City...we'll be back after these few messages." 

I muted the television. 

I had watched this interview about 5 times and my statement still remained the same. 

It was the same interview that I had the biggest shock of my life come knocking at my door.


"Has it been 5 minutes yet?"

"What does it say?"

"Carmen!" I asked desperately.

Nervously I paced back and forth the room licking my lips and thinking back at how this could have possibly happened...I was careful...or I thought I was careful.

Who was I kidding? This was bound to happen; Nicolas he was very persuasive at getting his point across to me, but still I had been careful.

Was I ready or this?

Was he ready for this big step in our lives? 

"YES!!!!" Carmen cheered.

I hoped she was cheering that she had won the lottery or something because I immediately leaped forward to her and took the stick out of her hand.

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