Chapter 8: Are You Okay?

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Astrid's POV

It was late in the morning and Hiccup had sent a search party out at dawn who ended up being just the twins and Fishlegs. I tried to get him to let me go, but he refused. He said he needed my help here. So I stayed and I'm starting to think he doesn't need my help here, he just didn't want me to leave.

I marched out of the house and straight to the village square to look for him. Once I got there, my heart dropped. The gang was all back, but... there was Snotlout and Hookfang, laying in the grass. Both unconscious, bruised, and bloody. Ruffnut was on her knees by Snotlout. Tuffnut tried to comfort her, but she just pushed him away. I rushed over, trying to find out what happened. More villagers started to show up and Gothi came to inspect Snotlout and Hookfang.

"What happened?" I asked. Hiccup darted over and engulfed me in a hug.

"No one knows. Fishlegs said they found both of them on Itchy Armpit. He said it looked like they got caught in a storm and crashed." Hiccup sounded upset. Now, none of us really liked Snotlout, well besides Ruffnut, but we all still cared about him.

"Thats terrible... Hows Ruffnut doing, is she okay?" I asked.

"Not really... Shes been an emotional wreck ever since they got back... You should go to her." He let go of me and i went to Ruffnut. She was crying into Snotlout's chest. I walked over and placed a hand on her back. She whipped her head around. Once she realized it was me, she jumped up and hugged me, crying into my shoulder.

"Its okay Ruffnut. He'll be okay."

Tuffnut, Fishlegs, and Hiccup carried Snotlout to Gothi's. Ruffnut let go and we followed them. Valka came and took care of Hookfang.

~At Gothi's~
Me, Hiccup, Fishlegs, and Tuffnut waited outside while Ruffnut, Gobber, and Gothi worked on Snotlout. We waited for what felt like hours before Gobber finally came out.

"How is he?" Hiccup asked in a rush.

"Slow down lad, He's fine." Everyone sighed in relief. "He should wake up in a few days or a week. It just depends on how well Gothi's medicine works."

"Thats great! ...We should probably go check on Hookfang and see how he's doing." I suggested. So me and Hiccup left while Fishlegs and Tuffnut stayed.

Hiccup and I arrived at Valka's to check on Hookfang. She was sewing his right wing up. It had been torn by something and my guess is a tree branch.

"Hookfang will be okay, he's just going to have a little bit of a shaky flight now... Hows Snotlout?" She asked.

"Oh he's fine. Only suffered some bruises and a broken leg. Gothi predicts he'll have a limp the rest of his life." Hiccup said.

"He should wake up in a few days or so." I stated.

"Thats good. Well Hookfang here should wake up in an hour or two. He'll be in a lot of pain so we need to lock him in the academy before he wakes up." Valka explained.

"Okay lets do that now."

Hookfang was laying on a tarp so we tied ropes to it and our dragons carried him to the academy. It took us awhile to get him in the academy, but we finally made it and just in time too. We heard some soft grumbling and his wings started to move.

"Everyone out! Now!" Hiccup ordered.

Hookfang stood up and let out an ear shattering roar. He lashed out with his claws. I tried to dodge them, but one caught my left arm and another caught my left leg. A big gash ran from my shoulder to my elbow and the other from my knee to my ankle. I held my arm and dashed for the door. I was the last one out.

"Oh gods! Astrid you're hurt!" Hiccup exclaimed worriedly.

"No, no its just a little scratch, I'll be fine." I tried to reassure him.

"No those are not just scratches! Come on we are going home to take care of those!" He yelled, gesturing to my arm and leg. I gave in and he carried me home on his back. He laid me down on our bed and rushed to the bathroom for supplies.

"Hiccup, I can do this myself you know? I took care of myself for 7 years before I started to socialize again and this is no big deal." I called out. He rushed back in with an arm full of supplies.

"This is too a big deal! Look you need stitches on both cuts. I know how to sew, but its going to hurt... a lot." He said a little worried again.

"Hiccup its okay. I'm a warrior, I can handle some pain."

"Okay then here we go."

He grabbed a rag and dipped it into some water. He wiped away the blood on my arm which stung a bit. He pulled out the needle and looked at me.

"You sure you're going to be okay? I can take you to Gothi's." He asked.

"I'm sure and it doesn't matter anyway. Either way I'm getting stitches so I'd rather it be you that does it."

(If you don't like needles or anything like that then I suggest you skip this next paragraph.)

"Okay" he gulped. He stuck the needle in my arm and I winced at the pain. It didn't really hurt until he pulled the thread through. I was biting my lip, trying to hold back screams, but I couldn't take it anymore and finally one escaped my lips.

He repeated the process on my leg, which hurt way worse then my arm. He finally stood up after wrapping my arm and leg with cloth bandages.

"All done. We will have to change the the bandages every morning until its healed though." Hiccup said, laying down beside me. "Just to make sure it doesn't get infected." He stroked my bangs out of my face and I smiled.

"Thank you, Hiccup, for taking care of me. I love you."

"I love you too." He gently wrapped his arms around me and pulled me close. "How do you feel?"

"Still hurts, but not as bad. When do you think I can walk?" I ask.

"Hopefully by tomorrow afternoon, you just need some rest."

"Okay... You know, you have now permanently left your mark on me, with the stitches I mean. I'll always remember this when I look at the scars." I smiled.

"You're mine forever Astrid. You got the ring to prove it." He chuckled. We laughed together until we both fell asleep in each others arms.
Author's Note:
Well I was hoping to get this chapter to you guys sooner, but unfortunately I had some pretty bad luck Friday. I got a concussion so its kinda hard to read and write and i cant do either for to long without my head hurting. Im actually not suppose to do either at all, but I really just wanted to get this chapter up. So yeah I might not be able to update for awhile, but i will try and get the next chapter done as soon as possible!

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