Chapter Twenty-Four - Don't Drag Her Into This

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         "What the fuck, Ky?" I reply with more force. This time I really can't be fucked to deal with him. "Who have I pissed off? Just because I fucking told Lea, you two are throwing a hissy fit. Why the hell do you care so much anyway? What's it to you?"

         "You piss everyone off River, even the girl that's only properly known you for a week" Ky argues but doesn't shout like me. He's good at controlling his temper that way. "Emily didn't want that many people knowing, she made us promise not to tell. And who did you tell? Oh yeah, this girl that you hardly know. How the fuck can you trust her so easily? Why wouldn't she tell her best friend, just like how Flo told Georgia?" He bites back at me.

         "Oh, and why do I care so much? Because I love Emily, and I tried to keep her from going into the car with Nick - who, for some reason, you loved so bloody much back then for whatever reason. She felt obliged to get into the car with Nick, to wish you a happy anniversary with Georgia." 

         His words sting me. I step forward aggressively, ready to swing my fists in Ky's direction. However, Jake steps between him and me, blocking my blows from ever making contact with Ky's head.

         Don't remind me of how I could've saved her. It claws away at me enough already.

         "Wow! Stop, man! Stop it!" Jake shouts, pulling my arms to my sides to keep them from flying all over the place.

         "You bastard!" I yell at Ky. "If you loved her so much, then how come you were such a pussy and couldn't stop her from getting with Nick? Huh?" I spit in his direction. "Don't tell me I was the reason, don't you dare rub it in like that. You sick bastard!" I yell even more, ready to throttle Jake just to get to Ky.

         Calm down.

         "Calm down, River!" Hisses Jake, trying to lighten my nerves. His head blocks my view of Ky, who's standing a few meters away from us. "Dude, calm down, he didn't mean it." Jake hisses again.

         I ignore Jake completely and twist my head to look at Ky. He still has that emotionless look on his face, and I want to punch it away. "Oi, you pig. What's your problem? Just because I bloody told Lea? Are you goddamn serious? Emily's my sister I can tell the whole world if I want to!" I struggle against Jake's hold. "Let go, Jake. I won't waste my energy on that wanker."

         Finally, Jake eases his grip on me but still stands cautiously between Ky and me, ready to pounce and hold me back if I try attacking again.

         After a moment of just sending each other glares, Ky eventually speaks. "You broke another promise." He states.

         "What do you mean," I snap, my voice is hoarse and low.

         "You kissed Lea, what about Georgia? What about what you promised her?" He reminds me as if it isn't already annoyingly glued to my brain already. 

         He approaches me steadily, but Jake doesn't worry about his actions since we all know that fighting isn't Ky's thing.

         "I'm sorry," he says once he's a close enough. "I shouldn't have said any of that. And I deserve a punch." He admits, and my eyes widen slightly in surprise.

         That's another thing about Ky – he says it how it is, no lying, no beating around the bush.

         "But the reason why I'm annoyed about you telling Lea isn't just because we promised Emily. Lea doesn't need that kind of drama. She's a sweet girl, and I don't think it's fair if you drag her into all of this. She's dealing with her own problems; I don't think it's wise to make her deal with yours too." Ky expresses his good intentions.

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