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"No, daddy!" I screamed, tears streaming down my face as his body fell.

I glared at those amber-brown eyes, glowing with such rage that I almost stopped in my tracks. Almost. I shifted and sprinted towards him, my teeth bared and my eyes wide with a thirst for revenge. I lunged and dug my teeth into the flesh of his forearm, satisfied when I heard the crunch of his bone. He didn't even flinch, grunt, or anything. He didn't show any signs of pain. With ease, he threw me off of his arm and into a large rock.

He only stood there, watching me with deadly eyes, waiting for my next attack. I didn't charge this time, I only sat on my hunches and watched him. I know my eyes reflected my hatred for this unknown man, but I didn't care. My heart ached at the realization that my father was gone, dead. All because of this heartless murderer.

I'm going to play him at his own game. I'm not going to give him what he wants. He wants me to attack him, to see if I'll be stupid enough to try again, but I'm smarter than that. I continued to bare my teeth, warning him to stay back.

"You're a smart one, pup." He stated calmly.

I growled louder, but didn't make any sign of movement.

"Seems like our playtime is done here. Good night, miss."

He then shifted into a wolf that had beautiful dark brown fur, those amber-brown eyes studied me before he disappeared into the shadows. I sat there for a few minutes to make sure he was actually gone. I then shifted back and ran over to my father's limp form.

I cried silently as I cradled him to my chest, my father is gone. The only family member that I had left is gone. I cried harder; first my mom, then my sister, and now my father. Why? Why do I lose everyone I love?

I then glared at the vacant spot where that stranger used to be. I let out a growl, a silent promise that I'll gain my revenge. He did this. He killed my father for goddess knows what and I'm going to make sure he loses everything he has ever loved.

This beast will regret this night. I'll make sure of that.

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