Chapter 1

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Once I graduated, I was not going to miss school. People say I would, but pfft.

Using the homework button was the reason - not because of school, but because of the homework.

It was filled with students laughing and socializing. It was common for me to scribble on my notepad, I loved drawing, and people thought I was pretty good.  

By that time, everyone had sat down in their seats and the bell had rung.

Mr. Elliott, the cute science teacher who every girl thought was handsome, stood up from behind his laptop and smiled at us with his perfectly white teeth.

"Are you ready for exams today?" He asks, rubbing his hands together before picking up a stack of papers.  Handing multiple to the first person that was in a row, so they can past them back to us. "looks like everyone's here today."

A brunette named Emily said, "I'll always be here." Mr. Elliot smiled. You could tell she liked him by her sitting by his desk and her being the first in class. It was the typical teacher's pet as well, her head resting in her hands, she let out a sigh with a heart-eye look on her face. 

A nervous laugh escapes his lips, and his eyes narrow as he glances at her.  Before changing topics. Hopefully, all of you studied, and you can use your notes from home to study."

Look through my books; I have an English notebook, a history notebook, and a math notebook (ew). There is no science notebook. Self-defamation was my response. 

I slouch in my seat, it must've fallen under my bed, and I forgot to pick it up.

It was only natural to ask Amber next to me, who was always buried in her books. 

I sigh feeling bad because I had never spoken to Amber before. She looks at me. The reason I asked is because I forgot my notebook at home, on accident. Could I please borrow yours?"

She nodded and handed me her journal, looking at the things I could use to pass this test, She had some messy handwriting and labeling of everything, but from the way it looked, I might be able to pass it.

She had more paper in her hands, as it appears. She was a Life savor!

Even though the notes were poorly written, I was confident that I could pass the test without help.

There were times when classes felt like they were getting longer and longer, particularly when math came up. Mathematics and numbers are hard for me to understand.  

Notes were available for this class as well as for the others.  Exams were only in the first period today. Tomorrow, third was on my mind.

By lunchtime I was happy because I was eating chicken nuggets and mashed potatoes today. To be honest, it is one of my favorite days.  

In the cafeteria, Jamie was already in line to get lunch, so I try to hurry behind her. Suddenly, without thinking, I bump into someone, before I fall, he grabs both of my shoulders, and chuckles. I look up and see Harry Styles standing in front of me with a smirk. 

Harry Styles tucked his hands in his pockets after saying, "Hello, you're Sarah Walker, right?". With his cologne on, his scent lingered in my nose. He must have been wearing something expensive. The soft smell of cigarettes lingered in the air.

Jamie turned around and noticed that he was talking to me. Her eyes are wide with encouragement.  

"Nice boots," I shift my eyes from Jamie back to him, nodding my head  then Nervously looking down at my feet, and then wondered them to his, where he wore a pair of heavy looking black boots, almost similar to my Harleys. "I'm Harry." He clears his throat, "Harry Styles." He extends his hand, but I decline nervously, grabbing my arm.

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