Just a heads up, this chapter is gonna make you mad. You'll figure out after you read it....


Jazzmine POV.....

Me:Daniel? What the hell do you want?

Daniel:Look, I know I'm the last person you wanna be talking to right now but just hear me out?


Daniel:Well the crew is getting together tonight and going to the pier like old times. You down?

Me:I don't know about tha-

Daniel:Please? It won't be the same without you

Me:Fine. What time?

Daniel:We're meeting there right now

Me:Alright, I'll be there

Daniel:Aight bye

•End of Convo•

I hang up an head upstairs to get ready. I simply get dressed.When finished I grabbed my keys and walked out the house. Chris is still mad at me so I'm just gonna let him cool off. I got in my car and drove off to hang with my crew.

~30 minutes later~


Me:Hey girl!

Beauty:Hey Jazz!

I ignored the fact that Star was standing there. I could tell her feelings were hurt but I didn't care!

Me:Hey Beauty! Where's the guys?

Beauty:Oh, here they come

I watched as MB, Jacob Latimore, and Daniel all walked up to where we were. I hugged all of them except Daniel. Once we all greeted each other we all walked in. I was having a good time catching up with everyone. Me and Prince decided to go on the Ferris Wheel and so did Daniel and Star. We all walked over and got in line. Me and Prince were talking about everything possible. Out of all the guys me and him are the closest now. I turned around behind just to see who else was in line, but only saw Daniel and Star making out. Really? Prince grabbed my arm and led us onto the Ferris Wheel. And guess who got on next to us? This is gonna be a long day.


I walked in the house and sat my keys and my phone down on the coffee table and sit on the couch. I definitely was not expecting to hear from Daniel. I am happy that I got to hang out with the crew again like old times, well not Daniel or Zonnique but it is what it is. Chris still won't talk to me and it hurts me. I mean, I didn't mean to hurt his feelings. I was just simply speaking my mind. Chris came from the kitchen and started walking upstairs until I called for him and he stopped halfway up.



Me:Don't be mad at me

Chris:Mad? Why would I be mad when my pregnant girlfriend basically says that I can't support our family?

Me:Chris, look I didn't mean to make you upset. I think you're just taking this all out of proportion.

Chris:I ain't taking nothing out of proportion aight? If you learn to shut you damn_ mouth sometimes it wouldn't be a problem now would it?

Did he really just say that?.....I stood up and walked over to where he was.

Me:Look...I am sick and tired of yo attitude. You keep snapping at me and talking to me like you ain't got no sense. I ain't one of yo lil homeboys so get yourself together. You hear me?

Chris:Whatever, get out my face with that shit_

Me:I'm being serious! Dammit just stop acting like a bitch long enough to listen to me!

He looked at me with pure anger in his eyes as he got up in my face.

Chris:You wanna say that again?

Me:You heard me the first time

Chris:See you really testing me right now. I swear if you wasn't pregnant...

Me:What? If I wasn't pregnant what would you do Chris? Hit me? *gets in his face* huh?

Chris:Get out my face?

Me:gets closer Or what? What you gone do?

Chris:I said get out my face!

Before I knew it I felt myself flying backwards and I did the last thing I imagined. I landed on my stomach.



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