I straightened the purple dress that I wore with some black heals that my feet hated. I didn’t care about that as I made my way through the White House with everyone else. Two men with earpieces were leading us and soon we stopped in front of an office. The men pressed a button on the wall and soon the door unlocked. They opened it for us and stepped aside so we could all walk in. At the desk sat the one and only President Henry Bixler, an older man with a gray moustache perched on his upper lip.

“Thank you boys, you may leave.” The two men that escorted us closed the door behind them when the left the Oval Office.

He turned his sharp eyes to us with a smile. The five people in the Big Six stepped forward while the others stayed back. There were a couple of bodyguards in the room, us, plus the leader of our country.

“Hello,” He said and nodded his head, getting to his feet at his desk. “As you know I’m President Bixler. I’ve called you all in today to have a conversation about the Catchers and we’ll be having a live video feed to tell everyone what happened.”

I pressed my lips together and nodded my head along with everyone else. The man’s eyes passed everyone’s before landing softly on me.

“Ah, Taylor Buckley. Headmistress Galen has told me many things about you.”

I smiled in return even though it didn’t reach my eyes, “I hope they’re all good things.”

To my surprise he laughed, “Yes, everything that she had said was compliments.”

I nodded my head again and we all took seats around the huge desk. We went over each detail about what happened on the island but Bixler didn’t judge. He didn’t say that we should’ve gotten Cole out of there or at least we should’ve tried to kill Katherine. When we were done, he just pursed his lips and crossed his hands on his desk.

“I understand… But maybe we have a solution for this little problem…”

I scrunched my eyebrows together, “What do you mean?”

He was about to say something but the screen to our left started flashing. “Oh! We have the video call. Would everyone in the Big Six please stand behind me?” He stood up and took a place in front of the camera. The people that weren’t in the Big Six went out of range so they wouldn’t appear in this conference. I took the spot next to Alex before all our faces showed on the screen with a red circle flashing in the corner.

“Hello people with Supernatural Abilities, I’m the President of the United States, Henry Bixler, and I’m here to tell you some distressing news. Only days ago our Big Six landed on the Catchers’ island. Sadly, they were captured and held. A lot of information was also contained on this trip though which will stay with us until further notice.

“A few days into the trip, the Six broke free. Taylor Buckley”—he put a hand on my shoulder signaling that I was who we was talking about. I looked into the camera at myself and noticed the blank look in my eyes. The dark rings that you can only get from no sleep were clearly visible even underneath the makeup—“can only teleport five people at one time—an extraordinary act already—so Cole Thrasher stayed behind allowing the others to escape. We have proof that he is now one of them.

“This means that there is no way to kill Katherine. You need each person in the Big Six to kill her and without him there is no possible way.” He bowed his head as if Cole was dead, “I’m sorry everyone… Katherine will stay alive for one more century.”

And with that, the conference ended. The president ushered us back to the seats we were in before the video.

“So what did you mean before we were interrupted?” I asked leaning forward slightly in anticipation.