I didn't sleep again, the images still going through my head. I held in the urge to throw up again, swallowing slowly. Looking in the mirror, I looked paler than usual and the bags under my eyes were darker and more defined than they had been for a while. I groaned quietly, knowing that Alex would notice immediately. He always picked up on the tiniest little things about me. If I was a bit down, if something was scaring me or hurting me he knew immediately. A smile unconsciously made its way onto my face, and I sighed knowing that I was already too attached to him. I wouldn't just be able to go 'cold turkey', so to speak.

I made my way to the bathroom and stepped into the massaging spray of the shower. It relaxed my tired muscles after the long night, but I still felt nauseous so didn't plan on eating anything. When I stepped out, I still felt as tired as before. Somehow, I managed to get dressed without falling asleep. I snuck out of the house early, leaving a note so my parents wouldn't worry, and walked to school. I had hoped to slip into the library and be able to read for a while. I was the only one in there apart from the librarian, and I curled up in a corner and read until the bell.

As I walked into English, Alex was already sat there staring at the wall beside me. He was frowning, but at nothing in particular- something was bothering him. When I sat down next to him, he didn't respond so I laid my head down on the desk. I was already exhausted and it was only just first period, but whenever I closed my eyes the images returned to my mind. I shuddered and sat up again, wishing I could just get some sleep.

"What's up?" Alex's voice made me start and I turned to him.

"Shouldn't I be asking you that?" I answered back and he frowned.

"What do you mean?"

"You were frowning at the wall when I came in. Either something's on your mind, or you've gone mad." He laughed, but it seemed forced. "What's up?"

"Just thinking." Alex answered shortly and I rolled my eyes.


"Honestly? You." He looked straight into my eyes, and I saw nothing but honesty in his chocolate brown eyes.

"Me?" I whispered. He nodded, blushing slightly and then turned back to the front as the teacher walked in. I was frozen in place. Did that mean he liked me? He did try to kiss me the other day... I slapped a hand to my forehead, earning odd looks from everyone around me. I blushed and looked down, sighing internally. Why couldn't life be simple? I suppose my life was more complicated than most others, I thought wryly. I don't know many other people who could say they were kidnapped. Most don't get out alive.

I sighed, out loud this time, and tried to focus on what the teacher was saying. I ended up, not concentrating for the entire lesson. I knew I would pay for that later, especially since we had homework on it but I couldn't concentrate. I was already tired and Alex's words were all my brain could cope with. It was P.E. now, so I headed into the library where I always went for these lessons. I couldn't do the lessons for another year, and I knew people had noticed by now. It was just a case of when the questions would begin and how I would answer them.

When I entered the library, my heart sank. Becca was already sat in there examining her nails with distaste. I rolled my eyes. She was the reason for girly clichés. The girl in question looked up and smirked.

"Well look at that, Little Miss Slut skipping P.E.?" she taunted. I frowned. Little Miss Slut? Surely that was an insult to herself... I ignored her and went to my usual corner with a new book. "I'm talking to you." She slammed my book down and flung it across the library. I glanced around her nervously. Where was the librarian when I needed her?

"Please leave me alone." I muttered. This was not my day.