"Okay, I'll see you when you get here.

I know, I miss you too.

See you soon,

I love you." 

*hangs up the phone.* 

Fresh off the plane from a WWE Event in West Virginia, John had finally made it home to Tampa. Even though he was still banged up a bit and his ankle was still sore for him Achilles tendon injury, he had other plans beside going home and resting. He had it all carefully planned out, Nikki is on her way back now to see him, and he wanted nothing more than to surprise her and see that beautiful smile light up on her face. Sure, is plan was cheesy, and a bit over used but still, it's the thought that counts.

When he made it back to his home after running to a couple stores and buying the the things he needed for his surprise. First, he had bought 2 five-gallon buckets of fresh red rose pedals. He then started to make a path, it started at the door, lead through the hall way, up a few stairs, and straight into the bedroom. When he reached the bedroom, he took what was left of the pedals and scattered  them across the floor, on the tops of dressers, and on the bed. He took a moment, looked around, and smiled to himself. "Yeah, this, is going to be great." 

Secondly, he had bought dozens and dozens of candles. Small candles, big candles, tall candles, skinny candles, & even fat candles. He took the smaller candles and put them in holders so that they wouldn't burn his house down...wouldn't THAT be a surprise! He laughed at himself while he carefully placed the candles along side the rose pedals that led to the bedroom, making a beautifully lit trail. Then, he made his way into the bedroom where he took some more candles and placed them all around the room. 4 on a dresser, 1 on each bed-stand next to their sides, and a few more here and there. The ones placed on the bed-stands lit up their bed perfectly, just enough light to see the head of the bed where he was going to place a pillow that had both of their names hand stitched into it. 

Lastly, he went and took out his best bottle of wine, and placed it on a "breakfast-in-bed" table, the bottle was accompanied by two long stemmed wine glasses. Next, he went and changed into his favorite tux. Not only was it his favorite, but Nikki loved seeing him wear it. After that, he waited for the call from Nikki to say that she landed safely and would soon be knocking on his door. 

Before he knew it, without a phone call or anything he heard his doorbell ring. He check through the peephole and sure enough, she was there. She looked stunning, a bright red dress and bright red lipstick, he couldn't get over how beautiful she looked even through a peephole. She rang the doorbell again, which snapped him back to reality. He then slowly opened the door, and as soon as she took her first step inside, her jaw dropped....

*To Be Continued* 

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