Author's Note

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Hiya, I thought I'd just let ya know updates on all of my stories will be a bit slow, mainly because of school. Oh, and in this story, there will be Glato, not only because it would make it more dramatic, but because of you awesome Glato shippers out there that make the drama come to life. Just so you know, I'm not a hater of Glato.

itgirl188 :Liar! You be hatin' on Glato at school.

Okay, yes, sometimes, but I still help you with your Glato stories.

ausmoore223 :Which I'm never included in.

😒Sorry. Yes, my two best friends are Glato shippers. I don't care, I think Glato's awesome, not because I ship it. (Clato and Alexbelle all the way.) I love Glato being a ship because all of the drama it makes in Clato stories.

More about my best friends: As you now know, my two best friends are itgirl188 and ausmoore223 , which are Glato shippers. They used to be Clato. (😒 Thanks a lot for finally letting me see the beauty in Clato then turning your backs on it, guys.) It took itgirl188 three freaking months to even get me to like The Hunger Games. When I did, I was brought into the world of Clato and shipped them ever since. For at least four months,all three of us shipped Clato then itgirl188 started shipping Clarvel and it was just me and ausmoore223 shipping Clato until just the other freaking day when he said he shipped Glato. Yeah, sure their kids will be beautiful but that doesn't matter to me. Yeah, sorry, guys, I'm totally anti-Glato.

itgirl188 and ausmoore223 :We're coming for you!

Oh, shit! (Runs and hides behind random big person.)

Random Stranger: What are you doing?


RS: But-


RS: But-


RS: B-

I said, shh.

RS: *Rolls eyes and stands still*

That's all I have. *Runs from itgirl188 , who currently has a sword in hand.*
Oh, shit. Gotta run. Ciao!

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