Ch. 6

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Alpha Maddox Teller-

Lara and I continue to talk until our food arrives. After a dessert of chocolate cheesecake, we decide to leave. On the way to Lara's house, I place my hand on her upper thigh as she eyes her window. I see her look down and I smirk before trailing my hand higher, brushing against her inner thigh. I remove my hand as I pull up in front of her house.

I park and she turns towards me. "Change of plans. You don't mind staying at my place tonight, do you?" I ask her. I don't want this night to end just yet.


"Nothing has to happen if you don't want it to. I want to show you something," I tell her, meaning every word. The last thing I want is for her to do something she doesn't want or isn't comfortable with.

"Okay," she decides. "I need to pack a bag, though. Do you mind waiting here? It won't take but a minute."

I nod. "Go ahead. I'll wait."

She comes back outside a moment later with a duffle bag on her shoulder. She slides back in to the car. I pull off again once she has buckled her seatbelt.

"Where do you live exactly?" She asks.

"Plum Road. It's far out in the woods. It's mostly families and older couples that live close by," I explain.


We arrive about fifteen minutes later. After punching the code in at the gate, I drive up to the house. I open Lara's car door for her and take her bag. I lead her to the front porch and stop when I notice she's not walking alongside me. She's staring at the house in utter awe.

I bought this house about two years ago. It's a oak log house with two floors, a basement, and five bedrooms. "You like it?" I ask her.

"I love it. It's so amazing," she breathes.

"Thank you. You want to come in?"

She nods vigorously and catches up to grasp my hand in hers. Inside, I place her bag in the guest bedroom upstairs. I go in search of her afterwards. I find her at the living room window, gazing at the mountains in wonder. It has begun to storm outside, but the mountains are being illuminated by the moon.

I slip my arms around her waist. "Beautiful, isn't it?"

She nods. "I love the mountains."

I place a kiss on her bare shoulder. "Me, too," I agree still kissing her skin.

She turns in my arms and places her hands on my biceps. "The house is very beautiful, too."

"I'm glad you like it," I respond and seal my lips to hers.

I skate a hand up her back to her head, controlling the kiss. She moans softly as my tongue enters her mouth. She places her hands on my chest, curling her fingers into the lapels of my jacket.

"Maddox," she says, trying to gain my attention.

"Yeah?" I ask, my voice thick with how much I want her.

"I know this is probably really soon, but I don't want to sleep in the guest bedroom," she states. A smile creeps across my face.

"Are you sure?" I need the reassurance. I definitely don't want her regretting this tomorrow.

"One hundred percent. I can't wait any longer for you."

I kiss her once more. "Fucking hell, that is the sexiest thing I have ever heard."

I lift her up, making her wrap her legs around my hips. I carry her in to the sunroom down the hall and lay her down on the heap of pillows there, my lips still sealed to hers.

"Why aren't we in your bed?" She whispers breathlessly as I kiss and lick her neck where my mark is. Her hands grip my shoulders tightly.

"We'll get there, baby. I pinky promise."

I reach around to unzip her dress, purposely skating my fingers across her skin as I take it off her. Lara begins working on taking off my jacket and unbuttoning my dress shirt.

Then, I'm ripping her lace thong at the seams and down her legs. Our clothes are now sprawled across the floor. Kneeling between her thighs, I breathe in her arousal.

That's all it takes for my control to snap.

I lift her legs over my shoulders before diving in to her essence, causing her to release a gasp of pleasure. She grips my hair tightly as I taste her delicate folds and run a finger along her entrance. Surging that finger inside her heat, I suck on her clit. She shatters, moaning my name. I settle between her thighs and run my cock along her entrance.

I look down at her flushed features. "Are you sure you want to do this?"

She nods. "Please, Maddox."

Resting my arms by her head, I slowly begin to push forward until I hit her virginity. I move my lips down to her neck and slam in to her, sheathing myself in her heat.

"You all right?" I ask her, smoothing a thumb over her brow. She tips her hips unexpectedly, making me groan and her giggle. I pull out and plunge back in, causing her giggle to turn into a moan.


I smirk. "You like that?"

"I'd love it if you would move," she breathes.

"Oh, yeah?"

I grip her thighs in my hands, wrapping them around my back. I begin a smooth rhythm that has her back arching and her nails scraping my back. I feel her contract around me and stop my movements.

"Why'd you stop?" She demands.

"Don't worry, baby. I'm just changing the scenery."

I flips us over so she is straddling me. I sit up and take her ass in my hands. She looks down at me with a curious expression.

"Move with me, baby. I did the hard part. Now, it's your turn."

"Okay," she agrees. She rests her hands on my shoulders again and lifts slowly before thrusting back down. She does this multiple times before I decide to intervene. I thrust up as she's about to come down again, filling her to the brim. Her head flies back as she gasps, baring her tits to me. I bend my head to lick and suckle on one nipple before alternating to the next.

"Maddox, please," she moans loudly.

I continue thrusting with her and together we create our own rhythm of ecstasy. Our moans and groans mingle around the room. I trail a hand up her chest and between her tits before venturing to her cheek. I tilt her head down and claim her lips again.

"You're so beautiful, baby. So perfect when you fuck me," I whisper to her. She comes apart, dragging me with her.

When I come to, I realize that we've collapsed to the floor. We're both breathing heavily and are covered in beads of perspiration. I wrap Lara in my arms, stroking her smooth skin. I notice that we're still connected and Lara's head is buried in my neck.

"Lara, baby."

"Yeah?" She murmurs sleepily.

"You okay? I wasn't too rough on you?"

Her head comes up. A smile lights up her face. "No. Now I know what I've been missing."

"I hope I made it worth the wait, then," I tell her, chuckling. "You ready for bed?"

"Can we stay up for a bit? I'm not that tired."

"Who said anything about sleeping?"

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