Ch 1.

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"Yeah, but why would Mr Matthews even do that?" Lucas asked. Riley shrugged. Maya, Lucas, Farkle, and Riley were all in The Matthews apartment. They sat on the couch discussing something, It was about 1am. Earlier that day in class Mr Matthews gave his usual life lesson lecture. And what they got out of it, so far, was a reaaaallllyyy long discussion. All of them, especially Farkle were confused. Usually Mr. Matthews had better lessons, and along the way they would do a car wash, or something odd. But this time they couldn't figure it out. It just didn't make sense. Farkle gave a yawn.

"I'm sorry guys. I just can't do this. I'm going home."

"No! It's too late out, and if you leave then we'll never figure out my dads lesson." Riley objected.

Suddenly Riley looked turned to look at Maya out of desperation, when she found something surprising. Maya was asleep. Not that this was odd, but she was curled up asleep against Lucas' shoulder. She was sleeping against Huckleberry.



"I know Riley. " he said quietly looking down.

Farkle looked at Maya.

"you know, she looks peaceful when she sleeps, you'd never think she's... Maya." 

"I wish she would look like that more often." Riley said agreeing. Lucas said nothing. 

"Do you think we should wake her?" Farkle asked.

"No. Lucas, you can-"

Gently Lucas picked Maya up bridal style.

"Already on it." He whispered.

Carefully Lucas carried Maya to Riley's room and set her on her bed. He then walked out looking over his shoulder.

"Goodnight Shortstack." He whispered.

Lucas then walked back and sat on the couch.

"Let's not tell her." He said quietly.

All of them murmured in agreement.

"Well. I must get going. Goodbye." Farkle said getting up. Lucas got up after Farkle.

"So am I." He said. Riley watched as they all walked out. She got changed and went to her bedroom to see Maya still sound asleep.

"Goodnight Maya."

She said before getting under the covers and falling asleep.


Maya woke up tired, yawning. That was weird. Usually Riley had to wake her up.  "Riley?" She whispered.


"What happened last night."

"We chatted." Riley responded hesitantly, sitting up. She didn't know what to say but didn't want to lie.
"Well then. I'm hungry!" Maya said getting up off the bed. She got dressed then walked in the kitchen where there was breakfast, Pancake and sausage along with a not from Topanga saying she had to leave early with Auggie.

"RILES." She yelled. Usually Riley was up with her by now.

"I'm here." Said Riley walking out in a nice outfit.

"Your mom left early. Cmon lets eat and get to school." She said. "You alright?" Riley asked curious if she remembered anything.

"Yeah." Maya scoffed. "Why wouldn't I be?"
Riley shrugged.

After eating they got their bags and walked to school. Once at school Lucas came up to them.

"Hey, I was thinking last night and thought that maybe it was a two day lesson."

"You must be joking Ranger Rick, Mr. Matthews doesn't give two day lessons."

"Since when have you known that?" Lucas shot back.

"Oh Huckleberry..." She said sadly shaking her head.

"What?" Lucas asked still slightly agitated.

"Your such a cowboy. Haa HURRRR." Maya said doing her impression on him. She swiftly turned around and walked into class. Lucas shook his head and him and Riley walked in behind her. Farkle was already in his seat.


So I know this chapter sucks, but I promise it will get better.

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