Chapter Thirteen

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**Three Months Later**
Late October

"Dad, a couple friends and I were thinking about booking a lake house kinda near where the beach is, well like a couple miles out. There's a whole little village of lake houses and if we all chipped in we could go for two weeks, seeing as it's coming up on my 18th birthday" My brother was clearly trying to ask my dad for something, he never just tells him things.

"And are you wanting money or?" my dad didn't look amused.

Joe went on further with the conversation, which ended up with him wanting money off my dad and asking to borrow his truck which my dad eventually agreed to.

We are currently sitting round the table eating dinner, by 'we' I mean me, my mum, dad and Joe. Well, Noah is here too but my dad didn't want him on the table so now he is sitting on the floor at my feet.
I had zoned out of the conversion my brother and dad were having before I heard my mum mention my name.

"Joe, why don't you invite your sister and her friends? It's her birthday too, and no doubt you boys will be wanting some female company" My eyes went to Joe, who seemed to be thinking the situation over.

"I mean I'm fine with it so if you all want to come and the boys are okay with it then sure" He looked at me and shrugged.

"Wait when would we leave?" Just as Joe stood up to leave I asked him.

"Probably tomorrow after school" He always gave very vague answers, he's so rude without meaning it.

"okay," I smiled sweetly before piling my father's plate and my mums on top of mine and taking them through to the kitchen to clean along with joes, which was already in there.

*****I am currently going through this chapter and its a bit confusing because I know that they're completely ignoring Halloween and they're taking a two-week holiday and there has been no mention of the schools being on holiday but I promise it makes more sense as you read on*****


For the rest of Thursday night, I caught up with some revision, seeing as I had exams coming up soon, after our November holidays actually.
I also did some reading of 'Eleanor & Park' and chatted with Violet, Amelia and Olivia on Oovoo, I brought up the trip with my brother and his friends, Olivia was the first to shoot down the idea but after half an hour of Violet, Amelia and I persuading her she finally agreed.

It was currently 10:06 pm and I'm nearly falling asleep on my desk.


"Your dad and I are leaving, both of you behave today and don't be late. Also, I have left money on the kitchen counter for while you guys are away, have a good trip see you in two weeks!!" My mum shouted from the bottom of the stairs.

I quickly ran down the stairs wearing my off the shoulder white top ((the top in the picture above)), which I chose to wear without a bra today as it's hardly noticeable, and my white cotton underwear (a/n guys please help I'm British so I call underwear pants and idk what Americans call them,, like panties is such a cringe-y word and I don't want to keep using it), which left me very exposed.

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