when you called

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when you called,
i knew what was happening.
you left me despite saying
'ill never hurt you'
'i cant live without you'
'i hope you are mine until the end of time'
'i hope we go far into this hideous world together'
& it seems as if im the only one taking this hard,
like youre perfectly fine.
when you called i was sobbing
& all i heard from you was a few sniffles.
i hope you know i cant even look in my yearbook anymore
for you have a note written in there.
i hope you know that it kills me to see you happy
while im struggling to keep a fake smile.
& i hope you know that even after all this,
if you called again asking for a second chance,
i would give it to you.
when you called,
i didnt just lose my love,
i lost my sanity.

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