Part Eight

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Ah, well. I can't leave you at a cliffhanger forever. Enjoy part eight, and thanks for the warm comments.


Nico stood there, unmoving. Was he scared? He could say that. He had no recollection of the guy in front of him at all and he was creeping him out, especially the way he kept his hand firmly gripping the handle of a dangerously sharp shiny black combat knife that was tucked under his belt. He knew the blade was made out of the death-sapping Iron from the Styx.

Finally, Nico returned to his senses and unsheathed his wicked Stygian iron sword. Anubis clasped his hands, which didn't seem very threatening, but the fact that he was a god and his palms were glowing ever greyer was enough to scare the goodness out of anyone.

Anubis narrowed his eyes and crossed his hands like a karate dude. So he went from a basketball player to a karateka.

"Who are you?" he demanded.

The boy, who seemingly hadn't noticed Anubis before, winced at the sight of him.

"Egyptian god of funerals, huh?" His accent was unusual. Nico couldn't quite cut where it came from. The boy drew his long black knife. "Fate went too far."

Nico scowled and crossed his sword over. "What are you talking about? What do you want from me?"

The guy turned back to Nico and smirked darkly, which didn't help with Nico's freakish sensations. "My name is Kai, but that's hardly important. Di Angelo, you're coming with me."

Nico shuddered. He tightened his grip. "How is it that you know my name?"

"Long story." Kai waved the question aside. "Come quietly, and you may not need to join those two puddles of bones over there."

He gestured with his chin at the two black puddles. Nico eyed them for a few moments, then returned his gaze to punk boy Kai.

"Are you crazy? I'm never coming quietly with a punk like you."

He slashed his sword at Kai, but the boy was quick. He intercepted with his knife blade and Nico nearly fell off balance, pulled back by the momentum of his own sword.

"Don't mess with me, death boy," Kai warned him while he took a step back to breath. "I have backup."

Nico growled. "Death boy yourself. I have backup too."

Anubis took the cue to unfreeze. He shot a tendril of pure black through the air, and Kai hardly dodged it.

Kai laughed. "Is that all you've got, jackal head?"

"Not quite." Anubis got to his knees and touched the earth with the palm of his hand. The ground started making crackling noises, while Nico came at Kai with another slash of his blade. It didn't miss, but Kai managed to avoid the worst of the blow. His jacket split open at his arm and a gash was cut through his skin. He groaned and wrapped his hand around his arm, trying to stop the blood.

"You asked for it," he snarled, and pulled his hand away from his deep cut. He held out his knife and struck at Nico, but Nico managed to parry his attack. He struck again. Nico hardly managed to parry, roll to the side and intercept every time Kai tried to skewer him messily with the wickedest Stygian Iron knife ever to exist. Nico was already tiring when Anubis's attack came in to action. The ground under Kai's feet cracked up, and he needed to jump away quickly to avoid falling in to abyss. He had the reflexes of a demigod, and being on the verge of death made Kai's death scent finally distinct.

Kai looked at Anubis menacingly. "I need you out of this scene, little god."

Anubis glared at him. "Not if I could help it." Quite unexpectedly, he jumped at Kai and gripped his shoulders.

The next thing Nico knew, Kai was sprawled on the ground at the edge of the alleyway and Anubis wasn't there anymore. In his spot stood a tall African-American muscle boy.

Nico watched with surprise as Walt looked down at Kai, then fell to his knees, shaking.

"Walt!" Nico ran to his side and tried to help him up.

"Nico." Walt looked in Kai's direction alarmingly. Nico turned his head just in time to miss a blow in the skull from a flying black knife. Nico heard a window shatter overhead. Immediately, he pressed his sword against Kai's neck, who'd been struggling to get up. The moment he realized his life was at stake, he closed his eyes and pursed his lips.

Nico glared at him. "You tried to kill me again. Who's you godly parent anyway?"

Once he'd said it, though, Nico had a pretty good idea who, and he didn't like it.

Kai took a deep breath and opened his eyes again. He looked at Nico with pure hatred.

"Thanatos," he replied in hardly louder than a whisper, reassuring Nico's assumption.


Ha. Ha. Like where I left you this time?

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